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Some people are beautiful, talented, intelligent and mature ... and then there's me

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Oh god, he's got two swords.
Some context is better left unexplained. Especially when it involves hooks and chains~

Guess I can fill in some holes, that blonde wolf is part of a slaver ring and appeared with a previous slaver in this miniseris :

His presences and the people chained up confirm that this ship is a slaver vessel. I'm sure it'll be explained in comic later on.
This is sort of gonna be an experimental comic, dropping all the panels and temples and sticking to the simple four panel formal.
The big swords and healer Combo~
Doing donuts on the open sea.
Pinky's orgin story ends here. Beaten by a victim of her master's experiments and toss in a chest in the wilderness to presumably wither away.

Fortunately the chest was discovered by a group of adventurers, she soon became part of their group and adapted the nick name Pinky. Though, she still considers Failure to be her real name.

Heres exactly where this part leads off in the main series :
Probably correct on your assumption.
Just lay low tell his duracells run out of juice.
That metal sonic body got a chuckle out of me~

Thanks for the plug, your too kind < 3333
Theres why "failure" was bolded in the early ones, cause she wasn't hearing it as insult.

Edited : Huge shout-out to Hopethefangirl for this glorious recreation ~ < 3
Just pretend that their hands, sticky and slippery hands~
Beyond creepy~

I'm trying to keep a good balance of cute with the undeniable creepy undertones.
Got da cash, time to roll out~
Another back story series this time centered around two homunculus creatures and the creator Marmillion.

This is only gonna be a mini series, heres crossing my fingers I can tell the tale in less then 12 pages.
Just a test comic with the tentacle girl from Elf n Hood.

Did some small updating to the head and wanted to practices some expressions in the form of a comic.
I guess "BIG SWORDS!" can be Canceled and interrupted.
Panel 3 and 6 just screams "Notice me Sempai"~
financial problems, you have my sympathy~

Don't get too discouraged about having to put this comic on hold, this kind of stuff is just a free time hobby and life is far more important.

Good luck and big hugs!
Sounds like Celia is acting like a "damsel in distress" again.