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I like pokemon, the legend of zelda, kirby and luigi!. .
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    dk 3ds
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Lokied (ref to kootras and novas asgard adventures)
FF6 freaking ROCKS, its my fav. final fantasy
see if you can join the cult of zombiederps, the zombies who can only do derpy things that walter white, from breaking bad?
the words aren't just jibberish 0.o
Look on the keyring for a team fortress 2 loot key
use your epic bacon powers to make it rain bacon only inside the building
what happens to megamans old powers? cant he just keep them? also, first comment :D
once i beat brocks onix in pokemon yellow with only my level 6 pidgey. and yet i still dont think pickachu can win
nightmare abillity? he puts kirby asleep and he must defeat him while in the nightmare
i was listening to still alive when i saw this
dr kenesis: has anyone eaten your sisters fruitcake and lived? and if so, who was it or them and how many have died
yayz your bak
also, what is that thing above his foot that is playing guitar?
no it was not a piece of cake because the cake is a lie!!!
YOU DIDNT ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!![sends out my team: resheriam/zekrom move event vitini, colbation, zebstrica, samurot, event mewtwo, and { my zoroark, seperior, or embor that are under 40 that my friend traded me}]
its suppost to be mai boi, not my boy. get your mems right
@ nina: when are you going to use the pokemon in your pc?
it has a black belt on its head, so i think it is poliwrath
y dont you call her tetra or whatever her name is?