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This idea came to me when a coworker (Sarah) told me her story about going for a run and a dog lunging at her. I'm *not* going to do a comic about pummeling a dog, so I tweaked it to imply a robbery or other human attack.

As the few readers I have probably noticed, It's been awhile. Not for lack of ideas, but lack of time. This was a quick, easy one to turn around.
Though I don't do story lines, I like some consistency in characters. I've established the main couple (Gary and Claire) as a more ideal (if kinky) couple, so I needed a second couple to represent some of the problems of a relationship.

Introduced them in the previous strip, going with the idea on this one. I guess I'm committed to their kids names, "Amazon Prime", "Dominos" and "Junior" now. Didn't think about that.
This is one of my lif'e mantras,
to never fuck with someone who knows Photoshop. Or taekwondo.
Everyone remembers
their first "charred foreskin" joke.
"beat them off with a stick..."
My real resignation letter
This comic served as my resignation letter. I heard one of the HR people saved it for quite awhile.
Based on a real incident
The conversation, the Urban Dictionary definition, everything pretty much happened this way. "Fran" was such a... sensitive biatch.
The joke, of course
is that the one they don't recognize is the only one which isn't a stick figure of some sort (Hobbes).
If you like these...
Comment, or shoot me an email!
Hey Canadian Person!
Thanks for reading my comics!!!!!
Sick, sick, sick.
I really debated putting that alt-text (the text that shows up when you hover your mouse over the comic strip), but then I thought, "hey, who do you think you are, Brian, acting like you have a filter?" So I did it.

I wasn't sure if I should have picked on US Postal Service or UPS. After a recent issue we had with a package for my wife not being delivered by the local post office, the choice was settled.
I actually built a prototype of this that I was proud of. Using Asterisk (an open-source telephony system), some Perl and way too much time I made a parser which would take a specially formatted file (with the descriptions of the room, as above, and the possible exits). The only thing I didn't like was the robot-ish voice narrating, but "oh well".

I posted the phone number to a small forum back in about 2010, and in a very short period of time my VOIP provider rang up $200 worth of calls on this line.

Worth it. Ain't doing it again, but worth it. The reponse was very positive.
You cut me off in traffic...
I make a comic strip about you.
The wife...
...wasn't fond of a comic with "pedophile" in it. She is clearly the one with some touch of humanity left in this partnership, not me.
Almost done with the bedroom stuff
I have a backup of about 100 ideas, but as normally happens with me once I get an idea into the computer it spawns another. I still have 3 or 4 bedroom ideas, but I'll probably limit myself and save some for later. Nobody likes a pun, but this was so easy to do since the background was mostly done from previous ones.
Comics like this...
It's comics like this, where I have 3 or 4 alternate endings, where I wish I could do them all and put them up for a vote. My wife had an idea which I actually found funnier, but I felt it a bit confusing for the four or 5 people who actually read this strip.

She wanted the phone's unlock message to be "Phone Unlocked: Hello Frank!" (as opposed to my "Gigantor" reference) but I was afraid some people would actually think Frank was his name (it's not; it's Brandon). In my house, if you say "Frank", someone will like as not yell out "AND BEANS" and there you go.
Unusual, 6-panel
I tried to get away from the 6-panel strips awhile ago, but sometimes an idea just needs a little extra space.

This was one such idea. My wife is always worried that people will think these strips come from real life. Ha. Haha. hahahHAHAHAHAHAAHA.

Now excuse me, I need to go shopping for a new unicorn mask.
So many ideas
@SergioPrimo: little time to do them. However, I think you are right; time to get back in the saddle. I'll try to get one or two a week out again like I used ot.
Sometimes the wife doesn't want to get involved...
I asked my wife, "is it 'What did I eat WHICH was green', or 'what did I eat THAT was green'?"

She replied "THAT was green...please tell me you wanted the correct English for that question and not an actual answer about what you ate."
From the Archive
Just when I though I'd moved all of my old strips over, I found this one which I had authored on a different computer. Now that I think of it, I remember a few strips which I couldn't find in my local archive, so now it's time to hunt them down so I can post them. One of them was my favorite. (Not this one...)