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I really enjoy online comics and I get jealous that I can't draw as good... or at all >.> But anyways....TOO MANY COMICS TO READ AND ADD!!! I WILL GO MAD!!
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@metal weirdo100: School does suck. How I know this? I was held back twice :P What I did with my summer? Waited for you to make comics D; and also nothing :L I can't do school homework and projects, I just can't, I go insane and rip up everything D: I wish I had a better way to contact you and be super friends >.<
@metal weirdo100: Then here is some input, put out more comics more often so I have something to get excited about >.< anything would do <3
@metal weirdo100: Lol a reply months later much? Well I found a pincer but on my carpet a few days ago, it was literally trying to attack me and it wouldn't die! D:
The next movie comes out next year, so I wonder what your comic will be once this first story is over. Also, didn't Percy get sick from all the blue food?
@RoochArffer: Well I will play as soon as I feel like playing, feel too scared from the bandit attacks >.>
Well first I need to find a way to do it, wiki wasn't much help when I looked at it months ago.
I never chose to be a vampire, remember? I was doing a quest outside of Solitude and there was a vampire necromancer and they use health drain (which is a pretty shitty spell and ability) and I contracted the vampire effects. I mean its not a disease and you can't just take it away by going to an alter, healer, or potions. You have to do a very long quest to be cured with an alter, black soul gem, and vampire hunter involved. And you can actually be both a vampire and werewolf. There isn't much benefits of being a vampire, there is no super strength or speed. It's just an added 25% of stealth and 50% to frost. and 100% to disease. But if you chose a race that was already tolerant to disease and frost, then there is no need for a vampire. Your attributes of health, magica, and stamina are always lowered by 25 points and you can't regenerate during the day. And the effects work like at 3am =_= claiming the sun burns my skin. Funny part of being a 4th level vampire, your skin can catch on fire xD
@RoochArffer: The issue isn't the difficulty, just I prefer traveling during day time, which I can't since I am a vampire, so I can't regenerate anything, no health, stamina, or magica. So I just use all my potions when a random person attacks me. I mean sure I can become normal again, but that is a very long process. And no one ever sleeps in the game, I go to an inn and everyone is still awake or lydia never sleeps in her bed. So I have to break into houses to feed.
@RoochArffer: Well I finally bought Skyrim for $40, and everywhere else its still $60, but for some reason amazon doesn't hate me. So my sister played and Lydia died, but also everyone wants to kill me because I am a vampire. And it sucks that I ran out of health potions when a random dragon appears. Sometimes the dragon doesn't even appear at the burial grounds. Skyrim does indeed hate me.
A good game to need to play is DMC, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6, and AC 3
Well I lost my dad when I was 10 and my grandma 2 years ago, its never easy to deal with losing someone you knew, but life goes on as they say, all we can do is pull through it. I saw or heard somewhere this quote, maybe you can remind me on it of where it is from. "When you are born, you cry and people are happy, but when you die, you are happy and they are crying"

it sounds different from how I heard it, but its the same general idea.

Uhh.. that is all I have at the moment >.>
Well I had bugs in general, growing up I lived with cockroaches... then ants... now its flies. Oh yeah and when I was little, it was maggots. I swear, buts are out to get me. But then again other bugs do appears like the occasional earwing and always find a long legged spider in my bathtub, its like they are having a party
@metal weirdo100: because maybe perhaps... you are amazing? ;) Then again, as a reader, I never have any say in what the author's opinion is @_@
Well many years ago when I was in 8th grade, I knew this one 7th grader, we never talked much and we werent really friends, but I would say hi to him occasionally. Well one day he was doing the "Choking game" with a belt around his neck.The same year a guy in high school was in the football team and they had a game. He ended up damaging his skull and later dying, I am not sure how he hurt it, I would imagine he hit the goal post. But more people cared about the one in high school than the 7th grader.So many people acted like they cared about the kid, but didn't :/
Well I enjoyed your comic series :P But also I was one of your first fans, just forgot to read the comics, but I followed many months ago because I sensed success :P
I have very much noticed how much Oblivion sucks compared to Skyrim, I wont complain about the monsters or combat.. not even the Oblivion gates. What does bother me is the lack of easy access to a map and also how it doesnt tell you where the monsters around you are or not how to get lost, I got lost so often.

I didnt go on here anymore because everyone hates me ;-;
Percy wasn't using a plate! He was eating off the dirty table. I question that kid, I wouldn't trust blue food, might be cookie monster >.<
Lol its an explosives text lab, that's why there is a hole >.> She just got out of the explosives chamber, I would be guessing she tried to mess with kitties again and there was too much burrito that time. Plus... WHO PUTS A TEST CHAMBER IN A TOWER? I would think in the basement, but that's just me.
wish I could of went :L
Lol uhh... that looked like a mechanical pencil