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You need the Alien hair
You should totally have Iris go through the Alien conspiracy dude hair
This is somehow cute and sexy at the same time.
Urgh I hate it when people text me in the middle of a dungeon in an mmo, like today I was playing rusty hearts and normally people don't bother to text me, today was a special day apparently and everyone on my contacts started texting me -.-
CARDBOARD GUNDAM MODEL ⑨! Thats what you should be.
What show/game/whatever is this?
They don't always, its just very very common. I mean look at Deus ex series or a good karma character in fallout that gets all the implants and such.
The eviler is the better...along with a large assortment of robotic parts and weapons it can't use.
I want a beaver bear now. But only if its as evil as the toaster from Old World Blues!
Oh god my eyes, I was not expecting this today...
Arguments don't always need a point, but its fun to start one and watch people get pissed when you are to stubborn to admit defeat >>
Iris be stylin with those glasses, did she wear them before it was "cool"? xD
I'd try to rescue but the princess is always in another castle.

Anyway its really cute, the princess outfit suits iris xD
New age trolls can't troll
Pfft Trolls...Trolling is dead in my opinion, nobody uses wit anymore its all insults and trying to act big. >> So yea don't listen to them and just find a vulnerable area to use wit against them and a loooooooooot of sarcasm, most new age "trolls" have a weakness against showing of actual intelligence.