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"OK" i suck at makeing story lines and half of my storys come from the dreams i have but now i'm not having any dreams >:I and i'm mad about that! and i have 100 storys in my head but can't get it to page sadly! and yeah! my life sucks when it comes to this kind of stuff :/

more of any artist then a writer! and story lines! suck at that more then writing! so just want you to know!

what i like? i like funny people :D people who make me laugh or pee my pants! and say random things!

AND i love dawm CUTE stuff >:I yeah!rock and rolling here! bitches!

have a happy life :D
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i did this in 5 mins!!!!!!!!!! i suck at comies!
sounds like a deal lol XD
i have no idea what happen to the contest XD and yes i would like a co-writer~! you want to be my oc-writer? don't really know what you do? do you help me with the story line? becasue i do really need help on it XD
lol if i can find my pages XD some where in my room! guys..... And girls... i have no story line for this you know XD lol any ways i guess i could maybe keep going on this ._.

oh how i love that word~!
and again VOTE PLZ!!! 293070?choiceIDs=,86018&captchaEntry=&16932=86018&poll_uword=silver

VOTE+= Castiel-Dean (Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles), Supernatural

lol i had fun photoshoping this XD

its the nose guy >:0 !!!!! lol just guessing : D
aww cute :D and i love that avater/icon *.*
haha >XD save the day!!!
lol hum... i don't really know... his more of a cat size but i made him alittle to big in here XD opps~!
awww he has a bloody nose D:>
OOOh silly neko XP
yay i got new outline markers : D
i don't know really XP i just draw whats in my mind~! i was going to add some boy love maybe XD lol
December 5th, 2011
i know its not very much fans but i'm very happy with what i got :) thx guys~! and for being my fans you get random neko boy :D yay happy for all~!
;D yay~! baby!
aww he pited him up :'D
i got really lazy of the drawings in this one sorry guys ._.
i was runing out of marker D: !