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Heehee, ok so I can't draw comics. But I've become quite a fan of a number of them here on SJ. ^-^ So feel free to check out my favs if your looking for a good comic to read, I'd recommend any of them.

And I'm friendly and all so, if you want to chat go ahead and drop me a PM.
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Ooo to check or wait... I'm not sure. XD
Demon form fury now!
I love the Twin's commentary! XD
April 14th, 2012
How did I miss so much updating!? =O I was missing the awesome.
Thought I should totally share this link. Was shown it years ago on a forum, I'm so happy I kept it. ^-^
Darn it! You keep leaving me at such cliffhangers! xD
I would so want to become Serus's partner. <3
I see her! In the smoke~~~~
This is manga, our common real life rules need not apply.
Plus what kind of Overlord would Razin be if his tale was not told far and wide?
We are grateful for your hardwork as well! =D We would never have known of this story without you.
Without you I would never have known of the awesome Serus! D=
March 17th, 2012
Yay I was somewhat right! Just had the wrong persons mother. XD
March 17th, 2012
Ooo and don't he look handsom! >=]
Should have known they travel in herds...
I make comments when I feel the need to, but sometimes I worry I'm just saying useless fan rabble and annoying the author. XD
Neigh Neigh? Too many igh's!!
Blowing my mind. @w@