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my name is lex, i'm 23, i use they/them pronouns
i'm a musician (my band is called 4th curtis) but i like to make comics in my spare time :-)
hey guys! this is gonna be the last page for another week or so bc things have been really busy at work! hope u have a fun & safe halloween!
forgot vincent's fucking leg thing >:( will add it tomorrow
@eishiya: nope! tooth is a special case. besides her, everyone's horns/lack of horns is set in stone.
and thank you for letting me know! i don't fully understand what you're saying. is it a mobile thing or a desktop thing? do u think i should just change my default layout?
done with chapter two!! see yall in chapter 3 :-)
happy 100th page! thanks for reading!!
back from break ! whew. hope everyones summer is going well!
@eishiya: i'm glad u like it more! i had to get a new computer and it doesn't have the old font on it so i just went with something else!
here... an animated page
@Le9: thank u for reading!! i promise there will be as many good times as bad times lmao
wacom replaced my tablet :-) the boys r back in town babey
this is the 69th page :^)
finally finished! happy new year! see u in chapter two!
@eishiya: omggg thank u for noticing that! about to change it rn
anyone else barely staying afloat!!! all i want to do is draw comics. anyways here u go. damien is such a bastard
happy halloween, everyone!!!
@eishiya: thank u for checking this out!
wow chapter 2 is finally done! i will try to keep making pages and not going MIA again bc i rlly want to finish this by the time im dead lmaooo. i will also try to keep them looking more consistent (at least each chapter) bc ive figured out how i want everything to look
the next page is on its way but today i decided to finally make a cover... thank u eishiya for suggesting it!
@eishiya: i totally want to! whenever i have time to draw im like "i would rather work on a page than a cover" but i think ur right and i should get it out of the way lmao