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Oh, no! Lynne!!!
Mari's gonna go into shock after seeing another comrade hurt...
HahahaHAAA! I love how everyone is terrified except for Sil, and he looks like he's having the time of his life! Can't wait to see how this turns out. Crossing my fingers!
Study Abroad
I've read through this comic several times, but it only occurred to me now that this little scene may be part of the reason Naima decided to study with Julius and spend so much time away from her own people. It can't be comfortable to know that the people you serve and protect are afraid of you. So, yeah, she'll go home to do her kingly duties, but it's not like she has any friends in Atlantis, so why not spend her free time in a low-key environment where she now has two real friends who aren't afraid of her?
They are super cute! Both so excited!
The Glow = Inherited?
Dr. Bradley is Simon's step-dad, not dad - so if Simon got it from his "dad," then who did Bradley get it from? Oooh, did he get it from Everywhere Kid?
¬ ¬ ...Whatever you have, I want to catch it...
Your art is stunning, story lines intriguing, and every time I read HoneySyn or Two Keys (yeeeah, I've read both many times already) I'm just awestruck! Your work is incredible!
I cannot aptly express, see? I can't express it! What is this? Admiration? Oh! That's a good one! I admire you! Thank you SO much for sharing your imagination and talents with us!
Siete bravissimi!