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ah neat, they both lost color.
deleted scene
the orb smacks her right in the face and knocks her out, mewtwo is left speechless... in more ways then one
one day he'll brake down a dam and flood a place, only he'll have also have done something so the water is on fire.
may need a bit of a running start here to make that jump
screw you guys, I'll be my own pokemon trainer, with hookers, and blackjack.
I can't help but laugh at how the pumpkin chick is just laying on the ground like nobody could be bothered to carry her anymore. I don't know why I find that as funny as I do.
roxie doesn't look very happy.
but did he stay in the pokeball for more then 3 shakes? If so I think it's law that he now belongs to you.
the follow up comic is about someone actually kicking which then sends the bucket into some poor bystanders face which knocks him into traffic which then causes a multi car pile up with both steve and the guy who just kicked the bucket standing their in shocked silence quickly followed by bucket guys saying "well you look like you're busy so IIIIII'm just going to go."
everyone I have ever heard about getting the new pokemon games got moon. did anyone get sun?
so on a scale from 1 to 10 how mentally scared is claire after this?
she does not like small spaces does she?
oh god the voices are back
he got his throwing skills from pokemon Go didn't he?

final answer
vote bait as a picture for people to see if they vote? Could try a what if pic of the vaporion didn't lose her sight and saw the eevee kid when they met after he changed. Could be amusing to see her face.
now without the light effects I can finally see just how much color RGB lost.

It worries me
holly crap yellow showed emotion
why the dog? I always go for the car.