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I am a teapot. You wouldn't think it if you saw me, what with the hair on my head and the nose and eyes and all, but its true. My Mum is a wooden bowl and my dad is an armchair, so i don't know where the teapot genes came from. Go figure.

Ok, ok. So im not a teapot. You have found me out, well done.But if i type a description it sounds like a myspace :)

Hobbies? Occupations? ...i have some? ok, as a teapot i guess i work in a cafe.
Not really ^.^ I like manga anime, or i wouldn't be here i guess, and im currently trying to make my friends get into it too. I'm partly managing it ^-^ Im english and you can find me on Deviantart too.
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you can just SEE the sad way this is going to go ;_; afterall, Bo is all alone and away from home in the futuree


omgawsh! I was away for a while from smackjeeves and i come back to many new beautiful updates on annarki! Your art style seems to have changed a little too, its all so pretty <3
February 10th, 2008
i'd be interested in filler pages ^^ great page <3
December 31st, 2007
*waves hand in the air* ohhhh, i'd be interested!
i haven't seen your DA account...*wanders off to investigate it*
December 31st, 2007
well theres a twist i didn't expect :P
from the garlic, holy water and cross, i'm going to guess vampire :) i'll ba faving this one too :D
December 23rd, 2007
heheh, thats happened to me before :P except i was brandishig a spatula at the guy, not a whisk XD
<3 the 5th panel :P
December 17th, 2007
ooooh, a slightly darker side to the story being revealed, i wonder? i love her pose in the first panel btw :P can't wait for more!
oh gawsh! i'm actually really happy hes not turning him into his sex toy, this is so much cuter ~<3 besides, i didn't want to see Jade as being all mean. and happy belated birthday! hope it was a good one :)
oh, and does anyone else notice that cute Jade blush? awww, bless him! <3
i love the guy myself <3 so pretty *O*
pfffft, denial lol. You'll just have to be shaken out of it :P
'bunch of cool guys packed with testosterone' lol, great horror movie steriotype xD
love the design of the dude on the left <3
i find this comic just so cute <3 i love how its done in the orangey-brown tone too, it suits it perfectly! :)
i'm not new to KotS, i just felt the need to say that again :P
November 5th, 2007
awwwww, i love this couple <3 hes sweeter than i thought he was. awesome page!
yeah, don't cut. just say the fishes name is hamster :P lol
manhandling director Danny. I like him already XD
personally i love the 'ukesaywhat' bit ,lol <3
September 13th, 2007
it is weird on days when you go to school without a bag. feels like you've forgotten something :)
lol, its INTERROGATE AYA time :P
yay for the update <3
O___O *awed by the beautiful eye in second last panel*
i like the tyre swing :P awesome comic
oooooooooh! you put the first pic as a background! i love it <3
nice picture, i'm in love with the bow <3
September 5th, 2007
she has pretty hair :)
everyone wants aya-chan all of a sudden :P
and also, wooooooo, update! ~<3