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I'm a Girl, i'm a true light blonde, I'm very nice and friendly and a vampire, live in usa. i love anime, manga and vampires. my dream is to become a arts/anime arts and make anime books in japan and I'm a vegan,love Japanese things

im also on deviantart so you can look at my darwing and storys if you what to see

(ps) for all my comics there in pencil i dont know how to do it Digital Media for now same for the Banner i just find a pic that go well with it some time fix it become a little different. so i try my best so hope you like them ^^
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The comic was great
Wish there more Adventure
Does that mean you’re going to do a platinum comic?
Make me wonder how Crystal is going do with him if she still going League
Wow gold kick her ass and cry punch her in the Face
Oh Archie how I love you and your not stop punching people in here
holy crap that's more cooler then they did in the game
yay your back love your work ^^
ha ha funny with the box Stealth
good that your still going I love your stuff ^^
awww poor Noneko trying to get archies intention, he hard to get ;)
love this comic ps is it ok to use my pokemon oc in the the nuzlock like background character or something? if you cant I understand just keep up the good work
hope your still working on it its been vary good
cool your back ^^ miss this
is ok as long keep on continuing it's find with me
1 Umbreon
2 Glaceon
3 Espeon
4 Leafeon
5 Flareon
6 Jolteon
7 Vaporeon
yay your back ^^ miss you.
love this comic so far even if get sad i still love it