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Huh wonder how good is soy milk compare to regular milk, I have always wonder.

Love the Iris of Iris eye :D
Iris? Iris!? IRISSS~!!!

Apparently he got revived somehow which pissed the fandom or something like that. Now do an Ironman (girl) Iris next week :DDD.
November 16th, 2011
Ugh does that link of yours only let American citizen sign up for it (live in canada fyi).

This Act is ridiculous, for what reason does this sort of law is needed anyway?
Good cause most meme are not funny thanks to moron overusing them..... *cough* the cake is a lie *cough*
Hmmm I sorta want to play Skyrim since it's nature of an rpg but I dont really enjoy the combat system is and I got a head ache playing Oblivion in 30 min which never happen to me before.

Ah who cares about me, I wonder if Iris can Dual wield 2 big sword :P.
As long the coffee aint too bitter, totally fine for me.
Muhahaha complete global mechanization!
Nooooo pyro! How could he get burnt!?
I just shat my pant.
Double Standard?
Hmmm..... for some reason when company such as Valve or Blizz use the term soon, i feel ok with that and trust they will keep their promise eventually (blizz started to make me skeptical about them with every WoW expansion, good thing i quit).

But with Riot LoL... I get so angry whenever they use the term soon and when they push back deadline, for odd reason I go berserk. Wonder why : /.
Actually imma dude but that aside....

IM BATMAN! (Hope yah bought Batman AC, wonderful wonderful game)
Clearly you need more training young iris... your not even doing 1 damage to metal sonic!

Another fantastic comic as per usual :3.
The Uncanny Valley
Cute, but... i guess it is mean to say but i find the azn squinty eye that been recently added feels so uncanny to me ._.

FYI Im azn myself so no it's not cause im white/different that i find it scary.
@Ninja Gaiden
That odd, I do pretty decent on normal and hard mode in ninja gaiden and my reflex is apparently low according to this site that i went to (apparently average human reaction is 200 while i score 240 average).
Good lord this game seem infinitely more brutal then Ninja gaiden D:.
October 5th, 2011
RIP Steve (despite the fact i have never bought any apple product >.>)
what Ausbloke says, should follow TB example next time :
Game are srs bsiness!
O god Allo reaction cracks me up hehe.

And now after hearing your name being said like that, it remind me of that girl from megaman 4 and of the infamous dubbing between Iris and Zero -_-;.
Ooooo is that melona you have there!? i want some :DDD (unless it touched the lichoris stuff, i hate those thing)