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I love me some home made comics.
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    Joe Scott
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I wanted to contribute to your KickStart so badly, but bills said otherwise. However, once you are officially in print, sign me up for a purchase, promise.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats on your new tat. I know you two will be happy together for a long, long time... :-P
I've found cat food in my bed many a times. That usually means it's time to wash the sheets, as those wonderful felines of mine have decided to share their meal... After eating it. :-X
I read SPC almost every update. Both their page and yours are always up on my computer, so when I log in, it's ready for a new strip.
I've met Kelly. I'VE ACTUALLY MET KELLY... She's awesome. Glad you two finally teamed up to dissuade new employment potentials.
In other words, the next few days will be spent keeping the kitties from destroying each other and your home. Once they are able to stay in the same room without blood, the kitty strip will continue...
The best and easiest way to integrate cats into the same home is to keep them in separate rooms for a week, then switch them. They need to get used to each others smell, as that is the biggest part of their domain.
I am the same way. I had four cats at one time, till I lost one a few years ago. I was told by my friend who owns the house that I'm not allowed to get another one, though every time I go to the pet store, it takes all my strength to follow his rule.
Yeah, I do that all the time. Even worse when it involved a snooze button.
I wouldn't be surprised if your kitty trained you to do a whole week of kitty strips. And treats, you must give her more Tasty Treats...
They actually saved me money by doing this. I've had the same six disks in front of my TV for months, since I found my old fav shows on instant. So I got instant and two disks at a time. Cut my bill by $40.
MInty Goodness
I love mint as well. I just finished a huge bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream. At my friends CoffeeHaus, I always get the Chocolate Mint mocha. That's a dilemma indeed.
My eye sight is pretty bad as well, If I didn't buy the super thin lenses, I'd be wearing Coke Bottles as well. That's why I love my contacts. Everything looks so warped and larger than life when I put my glasses on for a few days to give my eyes a chance to breath, but it's worth it.