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@DaughterOfOwls: That's a great idea thou! I can't wait for you to have your own website where we can see all your work in once place.
You go Ever! Don't let the meanie man touch your butthole!
T.T This is beautiful! I can't wait for this chapter! I love your comic so much!
Awwwe poor baby. I know he is just trying to protect himself and everyone here by not doing the bet so no one gets hurt. But he ends up hurting himself D; Awwwe Baby.
I am still on Shizu side thou....
YAY! I can't wait! <3
-squeezes tightly- We all love you and are here for you until the very end. I am glad to hear that you want to finish the two comics because that's what Teahouse did to us D;. But I understand why they needed to just stop and I think you could even take half a year off or something if need be. Don't feel so stressed and pressured drawing should be for fun! Make it fun again! We will support you no matter what!
This is amazing~ I like this kind of spam!
I thought it was very sweet to have 27 pages of foreplay because it is someone first time here! And most just skip over the sweet romance and get to the sex. I enjoyed it!
Awwwwe! >3<
Us perverts gotta stick together yo!
As long as you don't leave us on a MAJOR cliff hanger I am fine with the WIP pages and you didn't so it's all good. I get to see fluff and I enjoy it a lot detailed or not :D.
That's funny you say that, when I saw the nsfw I chuckled to myself and said "Oh I like me some nsfw stuff." Smut! Smut! Smut! We love smut! At least I do.
Oh yes I loved the fast upload. Oh this is so cute you are doing a wonderful job at making this sweet and cute. I am melting over here.
If we all are guessing right it's because Andrew is gay yes? I want to know what 'THAT' is! But I only wonder if Andrew only going out with Alex sister (don't remember her name.... sorry) because of this... And does she know about this, or is Andrew going to be a heart breaker....
@Zeroshark: *face palms*
Just got serious up in here! D;
You can't just use Ever like that because you didn't get the D Dx.
Well he did steal a certain banana >.> <.<
At least you didn't do a smart ass comment this time xD.