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Improving comic artist
likes:most food, reading comics, Wonder Woman, ladies, LGBT+ rights and of course making comics
dislikes: tomatoes and olives... blech!
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Oh my goodness Seaweed looks like Yzma from the Emporer's New Groove. That is amazing. I approve.
I remember Alternate!

Also Oooooooh man I have a feeling something's gonna go down.
They are so cute and good at math!
I want one of my own!
Which has made me think of maybe making plushie versions of them (not to sell or anything, put I'd gladly mail one your way!) what do you think?
Really? When I press download it says

"File Blocked for Violation.

The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.

If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support.
Click here to view our help resources"

Ack! The doujin was deleted by mediafire!
If he dies I am legitimately going to cry.
But I will continue reading! Even through my tears!

(He really should plea badass or something because that would be a great way to go. I'm hoping he won't go down without a battle of wits!)
Ack! Bad image source! Nooooooo!
My heart is so sad now!
(But I can't wait til Thomas becomes his alter-ego again!)
Oh my goodness reading!
Caecus stood on the soccer feild watching the other boys fight for the ball.It had been like this for about half an hour and frankly he was bored of watching them run back and forth with his navy blue eyes,but being on the team was refreshing as he had met a couple of great friends through the school's soccer team.
"CASEEEEEEEE I'M BOOOOORRRREEEEDDDDDDD!" Caecus flinched and turned to his fellow defense and best friend Tino,who had been yanking out the grass and was now staring back at him with a very disatisfied look on his face.
"entertain me Case,you were the one who said there'd be hot guys"
Caecus smiled,Tino was a never ending flirt and had been a very out gay since they were little.
"I knew you weren't signing up for the actual game" He told Tino who then responded with
"DUH. you know I hate sports Case,Toni over here is a different story but he just does it for the good old resume" Tino gestured at his twin brother,the goalie who was entirely fixed on the game.
"Shut up you two" Toni said in a harsh whisper.Which had no effect but to make the two other boys laugh.Tino then turned his head to the soccer feild beside them,the school didn't have their own feild but there was a park close by where numerous teams practised.Case followed Tino's line of sight to the other team playing beside them.
"Hey Caecus,#6 is just your type I know you like 'em taller but he's still pretty fine"
Case searched the players on the other side briefly and found #6.Tino was right,the boy was his type.He was brunette and about 5"9 and from what Case could tell fairly lean.Unlike the trio waiting for the ball to come their way #6 was chasing after the ball with all his might and managed to kick it out of someone's grasp.
The next thing Case knew he was on the ground with a socer ball by his side and a sore face.
"Caecus!" Tino immediately got up and ran to Case's side,Toni followed and they both sat Case up.Who just sat there in silence as his nose started to bleed.
"Oh wow,I'm really sorry about that" Case looked up to see #6 who had knelt down beside him with a worried look on his face.He then extended his hand which Case took and pulled the bloodied boy up.Case wipped his nose with the back of his hand (which made Tino let out an "ewwwww use a tissue") and smiled at #6.
"It's nothing really,I should've moved out of the way" Case said quietly but the boy frowned.
"That's nonsense! It was my fault for kicking the ball to hard.How about we go for ice cream or something to make up for it?"
By now the other players and the coach had run over and started to trample Caecus with questions,he simply thanked everyone for their concern and took a tissue that the coach had offered to clean the blood of his nose and hand.The coach then told Case to get himself checked up at the nurse's office,which Case nodded to and began to walk across the feild in direction of his bag,Tino and Toni chased after him and began to walk with him out of the park when #6 stopped them
"Hey,I forgot to mention that my name is Lyle"
Case smiled and offered his hand
"Caecus,but everyone calls me Case"
"That's a nice name,and would you be kind enough to maybe give me you number?I'd like to take you out for some ice cream like I promised" Lyle said and pulled his cellphone from the pocket inside his shorts and handed it to Caecus.Tino and Toni stood in silence as Case and Lyle took a bit of effort to figure out Lyle's phone and place Case's phone number in.But after Lyle thanked Case and was out of sight Tino grabbed Case by the hands and they jumped up and down for quite some time squealing like a pair of 12 year old girls.

A week after that Case and Lyle were officially going out,Lyle had asked Case out at an ice cream parlor.Although they attended two different schools they spent a lot of time togethor and Case would wait at the school gates for Lyle to go to soccer practise or even on a date togethor.

"It was a Saturday morning,Saturday May 9th I think.Y'know when you wake up and your eyes are slightly blurry and then you blink or rub them and you're fine? It was like that,I woke up and tried to look at my ceiling but it was all blurry.I didn't really notice the blue until I tried to rub the blurriness out of my eyes.That's when I started to realise something was wrong,when I looked down at my hands they looked like a silloute through frosted blue glass.It was scary,I think I might've fainted because I kind of remember Haylee running up to me and calling out my name but not the actual trip to the hospital."

"I was talking to someone over the computer and Toni was doing homework when our mom ran upstairs with the phone saying that Haylee was on the phone and Caecus was in the hospital,We both looked at each other and He grabbed the phone while I ran outside to grab our limo.Toni then joined me and told us which hospital it was.I was so worried,I thought it might've been something really bad like he was in a coma or something.Toni looked like he was going to cry then and there.When we got to the hospital I didn't even wait for our driver to park,I just yelled for him to stop and I jumped out,Toni joined me and I ran faster than I ever have."

"I ran up to the desk and asked where Case's room was,Tino just sood there panting and the nurse directed us to his room on the third floor.Tino then ran past the crowded the line for the elevator to the stairs.I followed and we headed up the stairs,I remember Tino looking so nervous and scared.We both were fearing for Case's life as we ran up the three floors."

"I woke up on the car ride to the hospital to my uncle Will calling out my name,I still couldn't see and I remember asking where we were.Haylee did her best to explain that she found me lying on the floor of my room and called Will.When we got to the hospital Frank carried me around and Haylee explained to the doctors what happened,they asked a lot of questions and shined a light in my eyes,they then said they wanted to do some tests,I remember getting a blood test,a CAT scan and even a spinal tap.The doctor took Haylee and Will aside and told them something but when they got back Haylee said that the doctors wouldn't know for sure what it was until they got all the tests back and wanted to keep me under supervisioned at the hospital for a week."

"When we walked into the hospital room Case was laying on his side and only had one IV in his arm so I felt a little relieved.I remember walking up to him and tapping him lightly on the shoulder ,He told me that he had just had a spinal tap so the nurses advised him to lay on his side for a while so he wouldn't damage anything.I nodded and pulled up a chair on the other side of the bed facing him.He then explained that Haylee was calling Ciar and Lyle,but I noticed that he didn't open his eyes at all when he was talking to us."

"Tino asked Case to open his eyes, as he had kept them closed while he was explaining his situation and Haylee's whereabouts.He sighed and looked us in the eye,Tino gasped but I sat there in shock.The first thing that came to mind was that they looked like a cloudy sky,every so often the blues would change a bit.He closed his eyes again and curled up under the blankets.Tino took that as a sign to leave and got up out of his chair.I said goodbye to Caecus and promised we'd visit again.When I left the room I saw Lyle pass by me"

"After Tino and Toni walked out Lyle came in,he sat across from me and whispered about how worried he was,when I showed him my eyes he grabbed my hand and said that I'd get through this like I always get through bad things.We talked for a lot longer and eventually he was shooed out by one of the nurses.A couple days passed and even though Toni,Tino and even most of the soccer team came to visit me Lyle had dissapeared.I called him with the hospital phone on my fourth day there and He answered,I asked him why he hadn't visited and he told me he wasn't strong enough to be there to support me and that if he broke up with me I could find someone better.Before I could even protest he hung up on me,I remember crying a lot that night,the nurses were really nice about it and Tino went out and bought me some of my favorite chocolate ice cream to cheer me up.It still hurts a bit to think that he didn't love me enough to help me through it but I guess it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"

"And now it's mid November,I've gotten used to using a cane and Haylee insists I go to school even though she's hired a tutor to help me with my studies.Maybe something good will come out of being at school,you never know right?"
I scared me mom d'awwing over this page.
Even if you only updated twice a year i'd still follow this comic and cheer you on!
Her boobs scare me,they remind me of this one girl in my English class,she was really rude and sat behind me and sometimes when she'd have to get to her desk she'd try to fit her large self into a little space between the desks,you know when you need to walk through a little space and you end up on you tip toes and bending over to get by?She'd do that and he boobs would be RIGHT IN MY FACE.

nearly turned me into a straight girl.

Regardless Varya is an silly willy and should break up the relationship before she gets hurt.
*looks at cast page for Megan*
Dang Megan why you be heart breakin' all the bitches?
I bet the cat's stuck somewhere under the bed or something
Also Holy swiss cheese! This page looks so different from the page you looked to it's CRAZY.
You've improved a lot in the past year,be proud!
September 14th, 2011
Awwww Wiggles!
He looks so cute in the smiley panel!
I said to myself if this one didn't win horror i'd be severely disappointed.
Also gonna say Like BaldDumboRat I've never even heard of the Suikoden games,but this is probably one of the best fancomics I've seen.You've mastered the art of facial expressions and the colouring although simply fits in with the art nicely.
(and it looks nothing like FMA,Your vent there lead me to this comic :D )
Villian with corny but smart puns are the best!
Also poor little thing,I still can't help but laugh at that pun though oh goodness!
...Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality?

poor Peter is confuzzled,I don't think he'd done anything too wrong (I mean it's better he didn't force himself to love Liam or anthing like that)

Also flashy contest gifs are flashy and the new layout is very nice!