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Oh hey, you caught a Voltorb too! Congrats!
*maniacal laughter*
"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile-chu."
Chuck Testa with an infinite supply of stuffed wood-chucks vs. Chuck Norris with nun-chucks.

The ultimate Chuck-off.
Careful... I hear he hates sandcastles.
So, if Link saves Princess Zelda, who/what does Iris save?
Funny... that almost sounded like a...
...vuvuzela... but that would mean...
Haw haw, "axe head".
I'm surprised there aren't tears, seeing as how you probably had to break your jawbone a few times to open that wide...
Are we jumping onto White Base now, Iris?
I remember my first beaver bear...

Thing flew close to a mile when the cannon went off. Good riddance. Mouthy little rat, he was. Taught me the value of duct tape for the next five I got.
So Allo is a super-intelligent carnivore from an extinct and ancient race which fuels itself on coffee.

What stops him from enslaving mankind?
Those frames don't actually look like they have any lenses in them. I'm expecting her to reach up to adjust them only to accidentally poke herself in the eye.
Warning: Not for people with high blood pressure.
Thank God for /ignore lists, is all I can say. Even with them, it still takes a deep breath and a ten-count for me every now and then to not flip my shit like a diarrhetic acrobat from some of the just plain uncalled-for dialogue they use as freely as footsteps.

And you're right, there's nothing funny about dying in LoL.

Unless you're playing Rumble. And possibly K'ogMaw and Karthus.