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2 years~! *Here's to another 2 more! Or a billion more whatever works lololol
I have a feeling Justin is more excited about the ice cream then spending time with his bud. Whatever! I will still go down with this (relation)ship!

Btw: this song reminds me of Danny for some reason. I was just listening to my ipod when all of a sudden Boom! Danny feels! Just thought Id share
I love that little strut/low eyes he has in the first panel. Get it, Justin!

Lol little Fruitloop does not look pleased to see him either. You better not try to ruin their date boy, or I will be very displeased with you and your young adult antics! >:( (jk that would actually be kinda hilarious).

Ugh. next page, come to meeeeee!
*SIIIIIIGH* FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!! I just got done with all my classes/finals yesterday. FINALLY. I love my school, but Im so ready to kick back, and be a worthless fucker for the next, *check calendar* 2 1/2 months! Sorry for not commenting on the last 2 pages, 'I hath not abandoned thee.' just been really busy. >.< But now Im not~, so get used to me stalking your comic again.

Glad to hear you settling down in Riverside, like I said, I used to go there when I was a kid to visit my uncle and his wife. Its a nice place from what I remember. If you ever do decide to come up to Los Angeles. Bring money. Everything is expensive than a mother fucker here. Been thinking of moving myself, maybe San Francisco (shits expensive there too, tho..), Ive always wanted to live there.

ANYWAY. Awesome page! I can't wait for Justin to show up, so that he and Justin can have their ice cream date, ahem, I mean their heterosexual best male friend bonding non-date, ahem. :)

p.s: Still looking forward to listening to your playlist whenever you finish it! Not rushing at all; honest and true, just letting you know Im still interested~.
Girl, don't even trip. I'm a student myself. Currently enrolled in our aviation mechanics program, I've even been thinking about transferring to a UC to get into one of the (mechanical) engineering programs. So believe me, I understand just how demanding school can be. When you ain't got time, you just ain't got the time; über-congrats on your fine arts degree btw! Still, I can't say I didn't do a little happy squeal in my head when I woke up this morning and saw this had finally been updated (twice!). Im not even sure why Im so drawn to this comic. Especially since it's like you said; barely gotten started. But...its like...have you ever just fallen in love with something, like immediately? Whether it's a TV show or band and you hear 1 song or watch 1 episode and you can already tell you're gonna love it? Thats what happened here lol. I suppose I also find the characters pretty relatable, I mean they seem like people I would meet irl (Ok, well..maybe not Alan lol) but definitely Danny & Justin, and even Alan's two little girl friends and the Buff Guys. They're all just everyday people going about their mundane everyday lives. I can appreciate this lol. I just want to put them in situations just to see how they would react lol. Like, after this whole thing is done and over with, if you ever decide to turn it into a paperback. Id buy it. No bullshit.

Ugh, MSI, I've loved them since like, middle school! That was around the time I started becoming more exposed to different types of music, and I remember them just blowing my little 13 yr old mind lol. I actually hadn't listened to them in a while prior to seeing them on your playlist, had to break out some of the ol' CD's lol. I've always wanted to go to one of their shows. I will one day. One day...*tumble weed blows past*

Lol, take your time. Im looking forward to it tho! I love music, always open to finding more. My own music collection is...a little disorganised. I should go through it song by song, and sort everything out. Buuuut Im a good for nothing slacker lol I'll do it eventually tho.

I've been having a lot of fun writing about them, actually! Im working on this story now; it takes place during their early college years. I think you mentioned it somewhere that Danny has very religious / conservative parents. I find that really interesting. I wonder what kind of relationship he has with them (and how they feel about Justin lol ). Super excited to learn about their backstory. I suppose I'll just make up shit about them to pass the time until then lalala.

Lol, Justin looks all debonair n' shit in the first sketch. All tall dark n' handsome. With his smirk, half lidded eyes and arching eyebrow. Look at Danny! He's blushing! Aww! The second one is my favourite! With them sleeping in the park underneath the tree, and LOL!@ Alan! U mad bro? Stop staring & mind yours! lol. Omg Danny looks so different when he smiles! Justin Y U NO SMILING BACK?!1 & Lol the angry eye in the corner giving them the death glare, wonder who that could be lol. I love these, they're too cute! Thanks for sharing them ! :D
"Happy Birthday ya punk" They should start mass producing those balloons lol. & I swear to god if Alan's mom spiked the punch at her own son's birthday...XD

So, Alan is 18, possibly tipsy, The buff guys are (maybe) making uglies on his couch, and Justin is on his way to take Danny out for ice cream. Me gusta.

p.s: Aww! Im flattered! Thanks, you're awesome to talk to as well!

p.s.s: Riverside is pretty dope. Ive got family out there. I live in LA (which is like a 3 hour drive away depending on traffic), so I don't visit them much. I mean I like my cousins and all, but I don't like them that much lol.

p.s.s: Lol, hope you don't mind me leaving you these long ass novels every time I comment haha. I'll try to tone it down next time ha.
LOL! Well, even if it does take years to complete, just know that I'll be freakin' right there, every step of the way, until the very end! As far as the playlist goes; Tegan and Sara, MGMT, Kate Nash, Ladytron, MSI, Ben Folds, Metric, Bowie, Mika? What's NOT to love!!! And their's more!?!? FFFFFFFFFFFF- as soon as you mentioned it, I opened a new tab, and created a Grooveshark account. MY BODY IS BEYOND READY~~ I am very much interested, and as soon as you put it up, I'll be all up in it's grill, you dont even know~ <XD.

I love them too! I've always loved Kate Nash, but that was the first song by Noah & The Whale that I've heard. It's TOO cute. It reminds me that Danny loves the zoo. Can I just say that I love that Danny has such a soft side. When I first read this comic, I thought he was going to be a stereotypical rocker guy, but he's not! And that makes me so very happy!

An...entire chapter...dedicated to my bay-bees...? SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULENCE!!!1 I THINK IVE GONE INTO CARDIAC ARREST!!!

YES! Im too excited for it, bra'. TOO excited!

Lol, thanks. I was actually alittle worried that you would think they were stupid. And yeah, I am :) I originally, set out to do something really ambitious, like create an entire backstory for them. Something filled with drama and angst and suspense and character development...then I got distracted, and just started writing about them having sex...derp. When I write an actual story with an actual plot, I'll post a link so you can read it! <XD

For some reason, alot of my fan fiction ideas involve some variation of Danny/Justin being together, and Alan being pissy about it. Something that makes me giggle alittle bit is, aren't Danny & Alan like, next door neighbors? Wouldn't it be 'hilarious' if their bedrooms were like, right NEXT to each other? (And whenever Justin spends the night, he hears Danny's headboard repeatedly banging against the wall. *shot*)

Even if Alan & Danny do hook up. Their's a Dustin kiss somewhere in between, right? RIGHT?! A crush from high school? A hand hold? A drunken fuck? Something? ANYTHING?!?! *ahem*

I dont want to feel like Im pressuring you, but if you posted Dustin sketches, my love for you would burn with the white hot intensity of a thousand Suns!!! So yeah, no pressure :D

Lol, @ChunkerMonker!Danny. Thanks a lot! Now FattyFatFatMcFatterson!Danny has been added to the list of things that make me LOL.

Awesome~ Now, I can daydream about Danny being pregnant, and not feel like a total tool.
♥ ♥ ♥
Want to know how utterly and completely pathetic I am? Y'know the character biography page, and the playlists that helped influence you while creating them? Well...I downloaded all of the Danny & Justin songs (a good number of which were already in my Itunes. You and I have very similar taste in music), from there I proceeded to have infinite amounts of Justin/Danny feels. I know you probably think Im being kind of ridiculous, but seriously, I can't even find the words to express how much I love these 2! (So, NEVER abandon this comic, because if you do, Im coming to your house...)

I especially loved the lyrics:
"But I have a friend, with whom I like to spend
Anytime I can find with.
I like sleeping in your bed, I like knowing whats going on inside your head. I like taking time, and I like your mind
And I like when your hand is in mine."

"Yeah well I feel all pretty happy too
And I’m always pretty happy when I’m just kicking back with you
And it’ll be love love love, all through our bodies
And love love love, all through our minds"
Ugh, my heart! Somebody call an ambulence!!!

And then when I heard, "You've Got A Friend In Me" All I could think of was Danny and Justin having a movie night, where they watch all 3 Toy Story movies. On Danny's couch, and Justin being the overworked bb that he is, falls asleep (after eating most of the pizza they ordered by himself) with his head in his buddy's lap, and Danny taking his cap off and running his fingers through Justin's hair... (And Fruitloop seeing Justin leaving Mr. Downbeat's apartment in the middle of the night/early morning, and completely looses his shit trolololol)

Lol, I don't know why but I have this thing for Danny having an uber crush on Justin (he has ever since high school). And "everyone" (especially the Buff guys) notices. Except Justin himself because he's a oblivious tard. And this pisses Fruitloop off because he thinks Justin is in the way of their "TRU EVALASTING WUV" So he, and his two lesbians (reluctantly) plots ways to get Justin outta the picture. It amuses so.

Now if you'll excuse me my handsome lady, Im off to listen to Danny's playlist for the 1983127361th time, write some Dustin fan fiction, and regret nothing.

p.s: Don't you want to upload some of those Dustin sketches you have in your sketch book Yes/Yes?

p.s.s: I visited your deviant art, just to see if their were any Dustin pics (yes, it's that serious -_-), and their was one pic of Justin drinking some of Danny's slushy. And for a moment, it looked like Danny's tummy was a little rounder than it usually is, he looked a little tired too . And for a split second I thought it was a mpreg picture. Now I can't get the image of Justin having knocked up Danny out of my head...I HATE MYSELF D:

p.s.s.s: If anyone here hasn't listened to the playlist yet, you should, I think it really enhances the experience.

Im shipping Justin/Danny and their's nothing any of you can do to stop me~
New reader here
Just found this comic earlier today, and it's really good, looking forward to the next update.
btw: The background picture, that has circles with the characters faces in it. The character with the black hair, and freckles, is that a guy or girl?
Its still 10:51 here on the West Coast. But who cares HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Cute page~