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I am new at making comics, so I really hope you like mine!
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please don't judge
please don't stop reading because of the poor graphics in this chapter, In the latest issues it is MUCH cleaner.
Well, Efrell is suposed to look scarey, if thats what you mean.
new chacters
Just so you guys know, Tabatha is Priscilla's head on Serra's recolored body. And Efrell is a mix of a ton of recolored parts off of chacters.
Great comic! adding to favs!

you should sheck our mt fire emblem comic!
are you going to update?
Just so you guys know, I might not make a new comic for a while. maybe 1 during the week, and 1 or 2 over the weekend.
whoops, that pannel got messed up, i'll go fix it

EDIT: done i hope you can understand it now