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I've found that it's not as blurry when I resize the actual sprites rather than the image as a whole. Thanks for the tip.
Yes. As the title stated, I changed the text size and the speech bubble in the middle of the comic. So sue me. I didn't notice until too late. I may fix it in the future.
Sorry for lack of update recently. My last week had me pretty irritated for some reason, so I had no motivation to do anything. Anyway, here's the update. Enjoy.
At this point, you can probably tell, that I'm not really paying attention to sprite differences. You'll notice Sonic's coloration is different in his poses. This is because I'm using the Ultimate Sonic Sheet. I'm really only doing this comic for the fun of it.
There's your crash from a couple comics ago.
And thus, we introduce Tails and Amy.
Wait. What did he crash into? Stay tuned for a couple comics to find out.
Yes, Knuckles. The Master Emerald. Your life does have meaning.
I enlarged the whole image to 200 percent to make it a bit easier to read. I understand the bluriness, but I'm writing this for fun. Please bear with me.
My apologies for the cut off panels. MSPaint was being derpy when I made this.
Must resist urge to sing...
Okay, so one plothole filled. That is the reason of why the two realms are fighting over this realm. That just leaves two more plotholes to go. Meta Knight and Shadow's spiel, and what the heck is up with this Eclipse dude.
Eclipse uses his powers in an effort to destroy Sonic, buuuuuut we're going to take a break from these two to fill a gaping plothole.
The fight begins. Apologies to EclipseTC for making Eclipse talk so much...
Beat me to the punch...
I will now take this time to mention Eclipse is a an OC of a friend of mine. Thus, the sprites are his too. And my Destructa sprites were made by him too. Thanks, EclipseTC.
What if I've imagined all of this?
Then I have a very VERY bad imagination. You'd think I'd make my life epic rather than... *shudders* doing school.
Pfft. That's hilarious.
October 5th, 2011
Dang, those three are loud.