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Chip reminds me of Ronald McDonald
'Hack Girl' now has more than one meaning
Like George A Romero? :D
Where the hell is the next button?!
Next... Next? Moooorrrreeee
Omg, I love his hair :D
Ever since I've read this I've texted people with that code :D
I don't think it's actually him, it's probably that previous guy he knew. :D
I always say his name like Taco lol
I live in Cheshire! But hell, it ain't hot -.-
Lef tTurn
haha, the 'left turn' thing from the new episode :D
Hehe, I bet she don't care because he's gay >:D
This reminds me of Shugo Chara ^^
Aww, poor Tweekers has horrible days! ):
Ahh, I'm so happy he found 'love' (hehe)
Niya's my favorite of the triplets ^^