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If you don't read this with the Benny Hill theme playing in the background, you're doing it wrong.

Sorry it took so long! Two pages becaaaaauuuuse I was gonna wait to upload the last one but then because of reasons I decided to just go ahead.
@fullmetalrunt: It was the Youngster right outside Oldale Town...we were doing fine with wild encounters, but then that youngster...
@IsahBellah: Here, have a bucket and a tissue.
@falling-from-flight: If it makes you feel better, she was my favorite at the time too.
@Diamors: There's not much I can do about it in a Nuzlocke though...blame the ai's crithax.
A lot of people have commended me for my humor. With that in mind, I guess all I really have to say for myself in regards to this page is...oops.

Pandora kept playing sad music while I was working on this. Pandora is a douche.

Next issue, whenever that happens, will be Petalburg City.
@Razellia: No one knows! Some people think it's his hair, some people think it's his hat. xD I decided it was a hat, but the debate goes either way - Lotty decided it was his hair.
@IsahBellah: Well if it were up to me, nobody would die the entire run! But the Nuzlocke Challenge is a cruel mistress...

Also, I feel like everyone missed Boo/Calliope on account of the overwhelming Shenzi/Banzai on this page. xD
*copypasta from DA*

There are so many words I have for this page but I am too tired to remember them so get ready for rambling.

I'm actually satisfied with this page. I still see all the miscellaneous really terrible things about it, and all the room for improvement, but it's a whole lot better than the page before it, which was better than the page before that and so on. The only thing I will bitch at length about is the first few panels which I accidentally sharpened the lineart just to hell so it's all jaggy and omg Emma you would be cuter if you didn't look like a cheese grater around the edges.

Next page I'm going to focus on improving my background skills, because my backgrounds are mostly hideous.

Also look forward to May making up even more insults in the future.

No Pooch Noir! :O

Nope. He was never intended to be in the party. I know, you are all sad, please don't lynch me, but he'll be back - just not in the capacity you expected.

Peace my brothers.
*copypasta from DA*

Our neighbors have their own miniature farm swag thing going on, and used to let their chickens roam the yard. I remember my younger sisters returning to the house once - one in tears and one otherwise unperturbed. The one who wasn't broken down in hysterics proceeded to announce,"Mr. Matt beat the rooster to death because he attacked us! It was awesome!"

And somehow, this story vaguely relates to this page.

I am not totally happy with it because I feel like toward the end I rushed the shading, and I'm still not settled on a style, and worst of all the dialogue is lacking where there is even dialogue. But on the bright side, I really like this new font I found.

Meanwhile, I attempt to figure a style out, and it may change drastically next page. Also I will be using a PSE trial for next page, so cross yo fingers, hide yo wives, hide yo kids, hide yo husbands...yeah.