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I couldnt help but notice...

Did someone noticed Rat's bandage in the ear?
Its Them!!!!
Hello Miss Holy, once again that is!

everyday looking at your site to see new updates, but it seems due our timezone differences i never get the chance to be within, lets say, the first 10 comments or so, none the less that proves the people that read you have peaked interest and are indeed, attracting your own community of followers (some may be zombie followers so bring brains to distract them)

Now then heres somethings i noticed and perhaps you may be able to enlighten me and us maybe :)

1.George has a Jigglypuff...??? no... that cannot be!! THE AGONY!!!!!11!!!!1 (unless its the one found in the games' corner?.. naaahhh...)

2.-The development from Brent and DT against rock users in this city gym, are you perhaps thinking on... metal claw skill? (if Brent Ever knew the skill existed), i believe it would be too easy for someone as.. not slacking.. but rather.. unmotivated, maybe you thinking on giving some spotlight for some of the pokes that Brent are carrying? (with hilarious results)

3.- Will Brent ever find an affinity with a poke, lets say something that whenever he looks at hi he wouldn't see it indifferently?

4.- will we ever have a story on why Brent became as it is on his personality or should i assume its just the way he wanted to be and should be left alone?

5.-My personal dislike for this gym in particular, or actually Brock, did not influence any of this messages.

6.-Now with the headstart adventure, i noticed you will indeed break the balance between faint and a true kill (caterpies on fire was genius!) will we ever see this kind of losses from people, (humans are violent by nature) or trained pokes actually dying?

7.-will xxx do yyy to mmm and ooo will qqq the zzz?(interpret that as you may will)

8.- Will we be seeing pokes exclusive to kanto/johto area or are you thinking on true "whole" world pokedex?

9 and lastly.-For all that is holy! (miss holy), why is that Jugglypuff still alive?, they gave birth to the worst child traumas in Animation History make it "ded", kill it with fire!!

a little extra, and thinking on some previous poster's comments from the pages back there: What does it takes, what chances are there, that if, people would submit, lets say, a sketch of an ally, an enemy or just a generic guy walking down the street would appear on your webcomic? (like a cameo, i see that someone actually did that on one of their comics offered in your link section). just a thought.. this may actually require some better explanation, but for now ill let you live, excuse me for asking so much.

and lastly (i swear)...!

Oh wow.. i was TOTALLY wrong about what was going to happen! completely unexpected and... GREAT!
Hello H0ly, just letting you know i watch (and some guys behind my back too!) your comic still and every 3 days check for updates, i havent posted on comments because i find no need to, or no questions need to be asked, nonetheless i post now just to let you know and encourage you the marvellous work you re doing :) keep up at it ma'am!

ps. i think i have a slight idea whats in the bag, but the wild guess will be my own only, oh and im certain that they will be saved by someone else that either just passed by, or the bugs will suddenly go away by some straaaange skill probably caused by the real plot of the team rocket :)

I dont specifically think thats the exit...

if my memory serves me right.. hmm a haunted house? altho it does kind of small for a "manor"

I dont Think George is one of those people that could easily betray someone's trust, instead it may be just an attempt to slow down him to get the race.. if thats still valid right after a horde of pokes is behind them :o

just my 2 cents :)
I sure missed Georgie, one against the many = run!
Zerg Rush!
Definitely a FF8 reference :)