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Alex the Dark
Need a character? A revamp? Bring ideas and I'm your man. Need a random comic? I'm there too.

I do free personal councilling too. I saved 6 people from suicide.

Main Comic: Newlands


Family: Thedar

Friends: Any author that are a part of the comics i'm in.
Fans of Newlands.

Enemies: Advertisement.

What I'm going to do: Set every home on FIRE!!
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What a First Post
No anymore.
No anymore.
Cliffs=The best feature of Nature
Had no clue it was you till you said it.
@renanamara: Doesn't bother me at all. I'm actually enjoying the comic.
Didn't know they ate people. I don't think mine does. Right now mine is dating the chick who stalks me. I actually meet him sometimes and talk to him. It's just a Tulpa creature created from Dark Matter (that matter is actually called that. No joke.).
I'll give it a try. It's due when?
Dang. Nobody mentioned House, Trance, New Wave, or Neon. I feel like I'm the only one listening to this stuff. 2 awesome Artist, Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren. Come on what they make is cooler then the best VG music you (anyone who reads this) know.
4: *ahem* Born to be wasteeeeeedd. Aahhaahhaaaaaahhh born to be wa- oh wait they're drunk. Sorry wrong song. A good song though.
Clothing Invertion.
Read the wall. It has a good story. Or what I read was. "...ey marker. The Blue was a bit hard to read. Then again, things are kind of hard to read because it's all blurry." That's the first black line under the blue. Who dares me to decode the rest?! If I can. Please someone dare me. I want to do it if Niv has completely no clue what's on it.
I am now mad at myself.
@sspeedo th: On Shadil I: Opened his eye and made him look at you, Reshaped his shoes, reorganized the pixals colouring the shoes.
One Lyriz I: Sharpened his quill edges, Changed all the textures, reshaped and recolored his shoes, Reshaped his pants, reshaped the red cheek quill, and recolored the glove.
On Nanoso I: Sharpened his quill edges, made him taller by 3 pixals, retextured his head jacket gloves shoes eyes and pants, gave him glove rings to match his pants, reshaped his shoe, brought his sideways leg in 1-2 pixals (causing him to be taller), and adjusted his ears.
@xXCamTroXx: I'll PM instructions to you I suck at tutorials.
@xXCamTroXx: I'll put a tutorial up.
A requested work. I did this because I needed to learn how to make purple fire.

You need to ask permission from sspeedo th to use this. Credit me for making it.

To Speedo: I left blanks for you so you can change the text if you want.
Man. This story was getting good.