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basically your stereo-typical Canadian teenager, plus some more nerd-ish stuff. i love drawing, music, reading, writing, video games, cooking, cutting class and marijuana(lolwhut)not necessarily in that order.
my favorite bands ATM are a tie between Nickleback,The offspring, Seether, Carbon leaf and Ashley MacIssac. (wow a lot this month)
yaoi is a not-so-secret fetish of mine and unfortunately i don't have a scanner or a tablet to put my fagotry up on the internet.
oh, and im also a lesbian , but i have yet to find a girl that i like.(don't see how its relevant but yanno, just encase your curious)
and yeeeah, thats about it *nod nods*
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    Lee Louttit
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grats in the 50 Angel-chan ^.^ i love every page of every one of those chapters <3 cheers for many more!
teehee :3 this made me giggle <3 its just so cuuuute~

.... god damnnit Angel you made me fangirl sequel.
i knew she was good for them *dances around her desk* i knew it i knew it i knew it i knew it!!
i don't even care that im acting like a kid on Christmas! im so happy with this development!

now! Kaito! your turn to be the knight in shining armor! go sweep Shunoki-Kun off his feet and make him feel better!! go on, why are you still sitting there?! GOOOO~!
i just D:
thats all i can process right now :C i just want Kaito to balance his time with Oasis and Shuno, i want Shuno to get to know Oasis so that he doesn't feel the need to kill her, and i want Oasis to know that Kaito is with Shuno, and just be Kaitos friend, :C why cant we all just get along?
@Beefsauce: thank you for sharing my opinion, i was getting tired of having to say the same thing almost every page, it kinda upsets me how much people seem to hate Oasis simply because shes there, and is misinformed.
FUCKYES ahh I cant wait for all this to get settled!
don't mind me im just gunna squee continuously till the nest page comes out
*takes deep inhale*
ZOMG and zomg seriously guys -_-
ooh god the Drama! i loves it! but please Shunoki! don't kill her D: you'd like her if you got to know her! its all a misunderstanding!

also, guys, just saying here, but I don't think Oasis knows Shunoki exists seeing as kaito hasn't really been good at telling anyone about him in the past. Kaito ignoring shuno is completely Kaito's fault, not Oasis'.
for people claiming that this is dabbling into hetro, no it's not. (or at least to me it really looks like its not). We all know that Kaito is about as straight as a rainbow, so calm your tits.
I for one am happy that Kaito has a friend and Oasis did just get mad at herself for checking out Kaito, so I highly doubt the 'slut' theory is accurate either.
now, be still your lady boners (or actual boners) and enjoy the plot m'kay?
kay guys, you cant blame her for her reaction. just LOOK at him, even as a Lesbian, i tap the shit outta that.
i want my car to say derp when i turn it off 8D (i know she didn't turn it off, the engine or something failed but i still think that would be epic!)
great, people are gunna start whining now =_="
your being kinda rude dint you think? she was just saying how she liked that there was starting to be more plot than Smut, she wasn't bitching. :/ I too like that there is some more plot coming into this story, and i cant wait to learn more about these characters! dont get me wrong though, i love PWP too, but its nice to have a break and really get into these characters heads, and not reading about them playing with each others heads. (if you know what i mean lol)
just try not to get your knickers in a twist when you read someones opinion and decide that it isn't a good one. seriously it makes you look like a bitch.
Oasis, i love you, but- you know never mind. i agree with Kaito, all him and Shuno do is fuck. i want to see them get to know each other better. and if oasis is gunna cock block them in order for them to get their emotions across without their talks betting interpreted by shuno jumping kaito then so be it.

and kaito needs some friends that he doesn't have to worry about raping him xD Oasis doesn't seem the type honestly.
Kaito's being funny and stuff! on purpose! these two are gunna be epic friends! :D *refuses to acknowledged possible conflicts brought on by becoming epic best friends*
"Hai, yeah this is Ken..... i accidentally the whole emotionless! WAT DO?!"
im sorry guys, i gotta say, until little red up there actually dose some thing to danger kaito shunos relationship i fucking love her, i mean just look at her! shes just so... ohmaigod i want one xD
December 22nd, 2011
fuck hw winter, its cold anyway xD
northern British Columbia is being screwed out of winter too xD though I don't mind, I long for the day I can live somewhere that isn't cold and wet, even in the summer xD
i agree with Chikao, all these pages, you're spoiling us!

but please don't stop :)
i D'awwed at Shunos face D: he looks so sad!
D: hormonal-girl-sick-brain is making me cry all over my keybored D:
but then again, everything's made me cry today... you know that hallmark commercial with the kid who sends his dad that's fighting overseas one of those recordable book thingies? yeah, was in tears for an hour. being sick and on your period sucks xD

but yes! this is awesome! Shuno is being all emotional <3 its ok Shuno! join me, we can sit in the corner, huggle Kaito and cry <3
i want expecting Kaito to be so... not rage quit. i thought it was gunna be like you cant tell me... YOU MUST BE CHEATING YOU SONUFA-
this is a lot better *wipes sweat drop*
EDIT: wasn't not want /herpderp
is it sad that the first thing i thought when i read this page was "d'awwwwe Dake's getting chubby<3"