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Hi I am in my thirties married with two kids. I love manga and anime and have always loved writing so after looking at a lot of manga I really wanted to turn my stories into a more visual form. I have been on this site for a while but had to redo a new account because I can no longer log into my original account. So I will start redoing my manga here once I have a good enough buffer. I also love rping, singing, and a lot more. I really hope that people will comment a lot on my stuff, don't be afraid I don't offend easily and I really appreciate the help.
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February 10th, 2012
I've been wondering. If four people could have powers why not more. Do the club haters have powers. Also if the club lovers found out someone had powers and wanted to help people couldn't they let that person join?

Hey if you answer me also send me a pm cause I won't remember which pages I commented on.
February 9th, 2012
Some of those networks are idiots they did the same thing with Firefly and now it is a cult classic. I don't understand what they are thinking either. Maybe they ran out of ideas or the actors wouldn't do another season or something. I loved that show.
February 9th, 2012
Adorable but why isn't there a fave button. I really like this and want to keep reading it. Guess I will bookmark the last page for now.
I'm a little confused. Did you draw both the background and the manga cause they look totally different in style. The background looks better. Also is the girl here the same one cause in the background she has long hair and looks cuter. Just wandering. hope no offense.
With the background and the manga this page is so busy that it makes me dizzy. I like the idea behind the background but something with just a few simple colors would make it easier to just concentrate on the manga.
Problems again
Hi there. This is actually Gaiadarkstar but due to a technical problem I can no longer log in to my old account. I have asked admins multiple times for help but no one has helped me so far. At this point it looks like I will have to start all over and have this comic in two places but I don't see any other option. I probably won't put it up right away since I still haven't even finished the two pages I started nearly five months ago but I will try to start working on them soon and when I have a good enough buffer ready I will start re-posting this comic under my new username.