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Meh. I just like to draw.
It is my fault the page was uploaded so late. I had a busy holiday weekend.
Now that I'm ahead of schedule with Storage Locker Losers, I hope to update Chain Link more frequently in the future.
Happy Halloween everyone. :)
@GuineaPiggy: Thank you. :)
@mappy41: Soon enough. Chain Link usually updates every other day or so.
This is the cover for the third print issue of Chain Link.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. :)
Ugghh...drawing withdrawals.....must draw some more...
Image for the self-printed issue of chapter 2. I just realized one of Glendora's arms is longer than the other one, so I'll have to fix it later.
Not an actual page, sorry. But I will have one ready soon.
I changed "BJs" to "PJs" at the last minute.
A ten dollar sketch commission another artist did for me at a comic convention. Thank you so much! :)
I corrected a mistake with Leen's outfit.
Playing Rune Factory 4 too much.
While you're waiting for UTR to update, you can read Lucky 7 or Sim, which updates far more often.

Thanks for being patient.
October 31st, 2013
It's okay Richard. I would be fangirling out too if I touched my favorite characters.
October 8th, 2013
Oops. I got Richard's last name switched with another one of my characters.
@kornkorn7: Thanks. :)
I have to agree with Chiizu.