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That really was..a hattori hanzo Absorbana na tanda
Still waiting for fish to jump into the battle and evolve into a gyarados....
30! holy crap some of those are straight up fiendishly hidden
I think this is the first time ive commented, but ive been reading for a long time and i have to thank you for sharing such honest and personal stories with us, its very rare to get this kind of look into someones life and even rarer to get a perspective like yours.

You've shared some rough times with us and listened when we've had our own and for that you and your family have earned as much love as a random stranger on the internet can give.

Thank you for this amazing gift David, Good luck and keep kicking life's ass!

PS: If you ever feel like venting or talking the internet will always be here, so dont ever be afraid to throw up a text post or a doodle im sure someone will always be willing to listen <3
Hooooly crap on a crackerdoodle 1000 is back!?!?! woo glad your alive and posting again!
are we in prisma or quanta?
Noo assistant watch out for those eye gouging sticks!!!

seems badass is a color of the rainbow
aaaand queue the cake bitch slap via rainbow pimp hand
Sad its over but happy to have had the journey, Thanks Nthew!
hmm idk if its been guessed yet but for some reason its nagging me in the back of my mind that this woman might not be a woman at all...or a person while we are at it...shes just too normal....
that is some very pretty blood :)
Holy crap Hobo is cute liek Nooa Hobo Stahhp i caahnt...
HAHAHAHA i cant decide whats funnier cake bitch'es blowup doll face or harold's realization hes dealing with the craziest cupcake on the planet
September 2nd, 2013
"warning incoming song dump!!"

something somber:

something sad:

something happy:

something crazy:

something on the nose:

aaand bonus something for page 273:

sorry for the song splosion

"uuuhn harold-kun be gentle"
"always with you cake-chan"
let the harold x cake fanfic commence!

" N-No Y-You cant do that with a Twinkie!!?"
hmm Dr CakeBitch and C.A.K.E cat so does that mean that gloom can stretch his arms? or that hobo and assistant are going to be saving the day?.....k now i just want to see the cast of gloomverse as old cartoon characters
August 30th, 2013
i am with laitma, the feels are getting the better of me aaaah.

if it hasnt been said thanks for making such a great piece of art and story telling nthew!
August 27th, 2013
Hurrraaaaay!!!wait waaat just happened?

"June the movie" underscore "wut?"