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I listen to Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses,And Rage Against the Machine. And I read comics(duh). The Mother 3 Fan Translation is ready. Go play it. NOW. Here is the Link:
Note: Great another one of my comics is dead, I bet most of my favorite comics will be dead by the time 2010 is here.
Note 2: And look at that. Its 2010 and almost all my favorite comics are dead.
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Awesome battle in 1..2..3 !
...what is wrong with Mario? why does he have these dresses?
How can one little Koopa handle the power of the Falcon Punch?
O3O OMG, this is...AWESOME!!! that has always been my dream!!! Thx Dark Link...huh, I never thought that I would be saying that. feels weird.
Red's got cookies...therefore my moneys on him
Sweet! I see whats coming up next 8D
...oh crap, Link should make a run for it while he still has a chance.
Spelling Error in the 4th panel.
Keep on firing the lasers. That should piss her off more lol
I could tell Bowser Jr. is enjoying every minute of this lol
that is so badass. Let's see Mario bet her now.
Hurray!! Let there be War!!!
February 3rd, 2010
lol wat :D
HAAAAX!!! *Throws a COM at Bowser*
w00t Snow :D ...too bad there isnt snow where I live D: