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Grenos evolution
The adventures of grenos, if he has any good ones.. Not in coulour..
Rated 12A for: Sci-fi action violence, mild language, intense and dramatic moments, and for a few disturbing moments
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    Danny Brown
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Not experienced enough to edit, through...
Haha the worms again, nderstood that one....
Already done one. It has a "twist"
What do you mean??
Do you like it? My drawing and writing is crap, so i hope it doesn't ruin the "humour" of the comic. Hopefully i will be writing with the computer in the net few comics.
Done. Check your email.
Ok, if i knew how to do that.... paint.
I cant resize it! I really need some tips,....
Lol, sorry for the delay, will post my comic today.
Mine. So bad its easy to make fun of, by the way, youll need to decide witch one is worse: Grenos evolution or The new york bedtimes. You can even make fun of this post.
Sushigummy's detective tarson, its plain hilarious.
PS: i dont draw like that. It was just on computer, my comics drawing style are better.
Just check it out, i havent really posted in a while but i will, and if you like it be sure to check out my other one, "The new york bedtimes."