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I'm a lady, I'm a daughter, I'm a sister, I'm a Mother I am me an artist an author... ^_^
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October 18th, 2017
Thank you! ^__^
@Phoenix_Angel: Thank you for pointing that out. OMG TToTT! All fixed now.
So I haven been really wanting to get back to Angel Protected and it's taking me forever to get there! but I have been doing a lot of art work so I said to myself, Girl shit yo ass down and draw something! so I did! Here is Elaine and her Protector Grayfin.
A little backstory:
Grayfin is dead just for all those who didn't read the old AP back in 2010-2011. How he dies is a mystery to everyone because all Protectors are immortal. Little by little more is reviled throughout the story like the true relationship between Elaine and Grayfin. there is a tell all far down the line where Tiara and Elgor find an old diary that was her mothers. but you will all have to wait for that chapter to come around. till then enjoy this love piece. ^___^
September 20th, 2013
September 20th, 2013
Tiara is 17 years old and Rika is 19
July 21st, 2013
Oh no what about her chocolate bar? ... TTnTT
yeah to me its always really annoying to see a group of jumbo instead of the actual work but all in all I like the story so far and your color work is really great if only I had your patients XD
I really like the color work and how the story is going, but It could do with out the censed bad words. If you don't like using the actual words then just don't make them say it like a pg movie.
I really sorry for the delay in post this week I hope this makes up for it XD
January 28th, 2013
@FireBorg: Its ok the only chapters changing are the first 3 so after that the story is the same. so please keep reading I'm happy that you like it.
Happy Holiday,

I hope everyone has a great holiday this year. Visit our Angel Protected Shop and pick up a cool gift for our Item shop they are gifttastic!! lol

Love to all and stay safe out there going crazy in the malls.
Wow 80 big number!!! thank you all for reading and faving Angel Protected; with out you all I wouldn't be able to keep going, so thank you all! the first pages of Chapter 5 will be up soon so please keep on reading<3
this is just the cutes comic ever!!!! I'm a mmmy and I jst love the baby step by step guide to the inner workng of a babies mind XD
I'm in love!!!!!!
September 2nd, 2012
Comic mom!
Congrads, he's super cute! and your comis is looking really good can't wait to see more you deserve the rest ^__^

I'm a mommy too!!!
Thank you all so much for being fans of Angel Protected, yes I know I say this every fan update but its true, I love evey one of you who read and comment Angel Protected.
There is still so much to come in the next chapter so please keep re
ading and please show your support and visit and buy an angel protected T or Hoodie or the really cool buttons ^_^ ♥
Huge Thank you!!!
We have reached 60 fans on Angel Protected and it’s a great feeling to see all of you enjoying the story this far. Here is the new thank you picture for you all to enjoy, it will also be the first Volumes cover. Also there will be an art contest being held mid June ending July if anyone is interested in joining in I will be posting the details in the news section of the site and (@^u^@)Thank you all!
@rinalicat: It's all thanks to you guys and gals ^_^
Here we are again Angel Protected has reached 30 fans.
A huge thank you to all the fans out there for liking my manga and continuing to read even the fans that cant fan but fallow the story THANK YOU ALL! ^_^