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Hi! You can call me just Isa XD
I like to draw my stories and share them to the people who are interested enough to read them ^^
I hope you may enjoy any or all my stories \(=*w*=)/

Have a great day!!

A New Life -->FINISHED

Silent Melody -->FINISHED
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Years? Wow! I'm so happy we finally finish it!! XDD YAY for us!!!!!! Thank you very much for reading it!!!
yay!! XDD
now don't let him go again, Naty!!

(cochino ps y ms, no me respetaron las opacidades!! por eso se ven así los tonos ;_; pero bueeeno el chiste era subir la pagina)
YAY!! neue! XD
hehe I had always liked the commercial pretty hair that Paul has XDDD
btw I forgot to draw the glasses in the last panel so let's just say she dropped them while running like hell :)
Awww yes! Go for it, Paul!! XD
I like the bubbles :DDD
heheh yes, both are looking at the moon
oh whatever XD
aww XD
it doesn't stinks!! I think it's great!

yay! he finally admit it!! awww
Yes!! I'm sorry!! I'll have my new laptop and tablet until May but we decided we won't wait until then so even if we draw it traditionally we'll finish it!
thanks for waiting!!^^
vaya! por fin!!
qué bueno que ia la acabaste, jlor!
ps has mejorado un buen desde ke empezaste! jiji
ps a mi me decepcionó cuando descubrí (porke me dijiste) ke Ed no era lindo jaja
y es ke la relación de ambos me la imaginaba asi toda linda jaja ke recapacitaba y sha lala
me agradó ke la pensaras a fondo, ke hayas analizado muy bien a todos tus personajes
mmm personaje favorito? tal vez y a pesar de todo es Ed jaja Liam se me hace lindo y toda la cosa pero creo ke me inclino un poco más por los personajes más complicados y no tan sencillos XD o no sé jiji
me agradó el capitulo cuando ed se le declara a liam, cuando liam tiene fiebre y todo ese rollo despues jeje
me encantó mi premio, el capitulo crossover jejeje fue lo mejor de todo!! jajaja nah obvio ke no XD

me alegro de ke puedas enfocarte tranquilamente en tu otra historia
aunke necesitamos terminar tmb sm para ahora sí liberarnos de esa carga de consciencia por no terminarla jaja
aunke sea tradicional XD ia en tu casa la escaneamos, va?

bueno, me salí de tema

feliciades por terminarla!!
yay! XDD
awww ke lindisimo el liam! jajaja
me dio mucha ternura en el primer panel, todo lindo y honesto aww ke mosho
this flashback is to explain why camilo got so angry when bailey asked him to play sailor moon's theme, isn't it? XD
awww poor Paul sniff *pat pat*
I have to draw my pages ASAP this week so hopefuly next weekend we can update more XD
yay! page!! so cool!
I'm very happy to hear you're okay now!
and don't worry about updating^^ I love to read your pages but I also would like for you to do it happily without pressure XD whenever you want it, I'll read it now or even if the next update is next year^^
I'm sorry for the delay^^; my pc isn't on its best condition right now and it doesn't recognize my tablet <.<
this two pages I made them on Heldrad's pc teehee and I was kinda in a hurry that's why they're all sketchy
btw dunno why but on the preview it appears first the page 58 and then 57 <.< but I don't know how to fix it... anyway is only on the preview XD
I really enjoyed it!
I wanted to read a more serious story of yours, not that I don't like your humor because I do, I really do, but now is like you showed us another side of you as an artist, and I'm very happy for that^^ and congrats for being a finalist on that japanese contest with this comic! XD I entered once two years ago it seems but didn't make it OTL sniff lol