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Parody 'r' us
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Kidnapping Ciel is one thing. But kidnapping Marine is like asking for trouble. As in having to deal with her. I sooner jump off the cliff than save her.
If you think about it, there's not much of a difference. He was evil to begin with, and he cares about Cream despite that. The only way he would stop caring is if he forgets everything.
If shooting the body doesn't work, aim for the head.
Roll beat Dr Wily with a broom by herself. Why not Silver?
@ mic (Guest)
Two words to answer your question. Maria Robotnik. 'Nuff said.
Like Sonic is ever truly serious. It was stated that if he were to go all out from the beginning, he would've beaten most of the bosses he has come across, while he still waiting for the chilli dog he ordered. Extremely powerful? Maybe. Cocky and yet strong? Definetly yes.
Looks like someone didn't know the blue hedgehog very well.
The dust cloud made it look like Sonic just ran and came back first.
The Z-saber was Zero's second strongest weapon. His strongest weapon is considered the Z-knuckle. Not only could it disarm the enemy. It also has a chance to one-hit-ko them. If not, critical damage. If my memory is right.
Auto is obviously insane. I mean, he calls himself a fan of Dr Light in MM7. The guy who CREATED him. Though, this could be Dr Light compensating for something. But then again, Auto did so many stupid things, he should be labeled crazy.
Actually seeing as he used it before and the only side-effect was that Bass became more powerful with a little dizziness on the side. So.... he can either be high, or he can be dead.
Vaporize? Crush? X never likes killing. Even after all those years. So that must be a fake. While Silver.... well he's an idiot. Also more hot-headed than Knuckles. So the first thing he would do is get the Mother Elf and screw things up like always. So something MUST be wrong.
He could've just played the previous games. Or read the archives like Protoman from BnG
Good god he's annoying. Silver is one of my most hated Sonic characters ever. I mean, he can't really run (Sonic Rivals is not canonical), he can't do a homing attack. And his powers aren't that great. Not to mention his crappy cheap-ass move when you fight him. Hell, he doesn't even exist. Got that out of my system. Ashura, beat the crap out of him.
Well, offically Sonic is actually stronger and faster than he lets on. But due to his personality, he tends to hold back. But that just proves that he's powerful, as he beat most of the bosses in the Sonic series without much effort. Powerful cocky characters = WIN. As proven by Dante from Devil May Cry.
What happened to their race?
Cream is not gonna be happy. Not one bit. She'll get over it someday, but not anytime soon.
If you think about it, so far not a single human has died. They got horribly injured, but they never died. So, them not dying should expected.
Didn't they break the fourth wall already? And are now dancing over its grave? While decorating the tomb stone? I doubt it'll make much of a difference now. No offense if it does offend you RyanMC.
You can't help but laugh a little when you find out that Zero, a creation of Dr. Wily, fulfilled the dream of Dr. Light instead of X. I mean, Zero was built with the purpose to destroy and kill. But thanks to the little stunt Sigma did, Zero's purpose became the opposite of what he's supposed to do. Intresting really.