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Drawer of random things.
I love to game.
I love reading any thing.
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Who summoned creepy hands? Why they be all creepy and stuff?
It's cool
It's okay dear you need to get better. I hope you did well for the contest. Also can't wait for April to come around. Hope you get better too.
It's all good. You come first then the comic. So take the time to finish what you need to get done and then come back to the comic.
God that face in the last panel made me giggle.
Take your time to do what you need. It would be lovely to see another story by you.
It's all cool and it takes time for things like this to come out right. So there's no problem with waiting for the pages.
sure it sounds interesting.
Lol Brandy's face is like, what have I done. He done messed with the wrong human lol.
December 5th, 2017
happy sad
So amazing and the ending was cute too. This story has been one of my favorites on here and it kind of sad that it is ending, but I am happy that they are together. :)
Nice page and I don't see any typos so your good there too. Updated when you can, people just have to understand that life will happen. That means that they just have to give you the time to do it and not rush you either.
King Pin
Nice touch of a Spiderman villain.
The grey in there is so cute and it goes so well with his look too.
You can see it with Vincent too. Even if his ears are not as big as Ben's. But I do like how Ben just comes out and says Vincent is cute. It sounds like he's telling him that he likes him.
July 10th, 2017
Mr. Grumpypants
Someone's a little grumpy lol
Damn, I thought there was going to be more after clicking next on this page and now I got to wait. Man, I should of went slow in reading this lovely comic but I read it all in one day. Man, now I got to wait for the 1st of September. This comic is so freaking adorable and I love it.
So good
This story is getting good. Can't wait for more updates on it. I just love the story so much. <3
They're all so cute.
It's cool and this comic is so awesome. Take all the time you need to get things done. :)
Oh God
God! I want to see how Bailey looks since Gannet is so adorable and sexy <3
March 30th, 2017
No butt grabs since the pic is gone. lol