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Hm, well I here's a BioPoem:

Sarcastic, Friendly, artistic, crazy, epicsause

Daughter of a father and a mother, neice of 20 aunts and 32 uncles, sister of a brother and a sister, cousin of 12 males and 11 females (about...i'm estimating here)

Lover of Drawing, computers, climbing trees, animals, cute, chickadees, her best friends, boys XD

Who feels sad her bestfriend moved, annoyed at her cousin

Who needs pencils, glasses, her iPhone, tank tops, family, boys, hugs, love, her bestfriend, laughter, backyards, sidewalks, pajamas, gum

Who fears Cockroaches, family reuinions, her sister

Who gives advice, help, hugs, and cookies


I have 5 nicknames. Rue, Jezabel, Mary, Mamadou, and Jez
feel free to call me Rue, Mary, or Jez. :) or plain Mariam is fine <3
  • Real Name
    Mariam Abdou
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Oh Yes..
Them Russian Vikings.
I can tell you're one of them Rasputin.
I love it!
Ahahahaha "the Birds and the Bees" lol XD
Lol she's all like "what did I just say!?!?"
Squee~ it's a Philloon!! I want one ^^ <3
This one is my favorite. <3
Just saying ^^
September 8th, 2011
Ahaaha! He's so dead. Yay Update! :)
love thus story so far!
Lol :)
Oh yes, because telling him you make explosive kittens is gonna help you get the guy. Ahh leafette, your so smooth XD
Win XD
Leafette's expression in the fourth panel
lololololol xD
September 5th, 2011
Oh Mai ^^
What do we have heere....
Lol M's so.....idk sexy yet creepy
Rasputin RUN~
luke is kinda a jerk but that's what makes him Luke..