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Lol XD
Wear clothes or im soo gonna bust rofling! XD XD
Wait, if tails is a girl... then how come she doesn't wear dresses or have hair or any other crap!?
Burger kinng!!! ^w^
Whoppers come from hungry jacks!
Konata The Chao
September 13th, 2011
i've seen too many mistakes in this comic. Thumbs up for this comic any way!! :D
Panel 1 pikachu looks like a puppy!!! Thats soo cute!
Andthatwassorandomitwasheckfunny! ^^
Its a pretty easy level. You just might suck at it. The hardest level is when you go back in time and maria is your partner. Geez I can't do it!! >o<
When I play that game with someone the other player is too fast for shadow. Also I like shadow as a fav! ^^