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Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. To continue use of this website, you must agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. that is quite the move. Marty is EVIL!!!

Loving Popper already btw!
Ugh, "I'll let you touch my muscles"....I will give Issac this, he is definitely a character, a vile and idiotic character, but a character nevertheless. Points for Monty for not being impressed.
Iris and Hope are a pair to watch, hopefully they both go far, they seem really likable.

Miichelle is frightening as heck! Definitely the serial killer of the cast.
Only way Marty survives at this point is if he is the one that tells the big lie that was hinting at for this episode(which is likely the case)
Ummm, sure Marty, they are your puppets. They only hate you completely. There can't be any way this guy survives, right?
Lol, Miichelle seems to be the Strong, Silent type, which considering she has no mouth, is meant literally.
Probably the smartest choice here. Wanting to quit or not, Montana was simply healthier than Cassie.
Thinking Cassie is a goner. And I think Montana is eventually gonna decide to stick around for watch as she's the first one out.
"She didn't need help puking"

Between that and wanting out already, Montana is already the crazy bitch character....which probably means she'll survive for a while despite wanting out
Alex may be even dumber than Issac, who at least is funny.

Baxter seems to be the smart guy of the cast.
Minnie's got a weird looking hat-thingy on, otherwise she seems alright.

So, obviously Marty and Yoshia are gonna be targets the first time out, hope not though, they both seem like fun characters.
Wow, didn't expect that twist at all! I like it!

I always love seasons with more than 2 tribes in it, just for something different.
Why do I get the feeling that Yoshia is gonna regret that confessional...
Issac is an idiot. Probably going to be the stupid jock character from the looks of it.

Delta looks a lot like Al from last season actually...weird.

Anddddd, was the Girls tribe Pink? This one's blue, so it matches the colors you usually see with newborns actually, huh
Bessi Bell is already awesome! Cowgirl ftw!
Not a pure gender battle huh? Interesting...
That vote was as close as I was thinking it'd be!

So overall, I'll admit I found the first season more interesting. This season just wasn't as funny as the original. However, the boots this time out made a lot more sense, and while the cast may have been slightly weaker than last season's overall, it was still a good solid group.

Twists: I liked Brains vs. Brawns while it lasted, good concept. The Brawns were pretty damn dumb though, but still.

Loris: Seemed nice and superfans are always welcome, but she was definitely never going to win this game.

Slash: Who? I forgot all about him. He only had like 1 confessional (yes even Denise had more than him I think). He was fast, but that was it.

Mihoshi: Very weak player and I was glad that we weren't going to have another child winner.

PJ: Lived up to his franchise well, he seemed to have some potential, but blew it.

Drake: Drake was an awesome character! Too bad he didn't last very long, cause he could have been an all-time great!

Al: I was definitely stunned that Al was voted out so early! I thought he was the favorite to win for a while. Sadly, like Drake, the cards just weren't in his hand.

Spikey: I don't get the love for him. Very forgettable character.

Sue: Memorable exit, was Mary-Lite for a little while.

Max: Another wholly forgettable character. Sadly SWSU, I know he was your first character, but he was bland. good player though.

Polly: Polly had some potential. She seemed brighter than most of the Brawns, but when she finally stepped up to the plate, she flubbed it all up.

Mary: Easily the greatest villain ever, at least 2 seasons in. Played the trashy blonde chick role perfectly. that said, I'm glad she lost when she did, because she'd have gotten too annoying had she survived much longer.

Bitsy: Like Wendy last season, Bitsy could have easily have been the lead heroine of the cast. She seemed fairly smart and sweet, but she put too much trust in her allies and lost because of it. Awesome character.

Gus: I'm rather surprised to hear you didn't have bigger plans for him at first, cause he actually had a great storyline, overcoming being the "old" guy to being a legit threat to win. Him basically quitting sullies him a little, but he was still a great character.

Denise: I like the running gag of her silence, just seeing her talking made people notice her, which was funny.

Ryan: Like Hogan, he was the challenge threat and got into many showmances, but other than that, Ryan was pretty damn stupid. Maybe the dumbest of the Brawns, and that's saying something!

Chris: I never cared for him too much, but he was a big time player and had his good moments.

Vinnie: Easily the star of the show, he pretty much made this season awesome. But like the great classic villains, he lost right at the end. Pure evil and pure awesome.

Kris: The better player of the siblings, but other than that, eh. If not for her storyline with Chris, I'd have probably forgotten her.

Jasmine: Very quiet for most of the season, but was still very likable. I was rooting for her in the end. Considering I usually root for the strategic players instead of the nice players, that's impressive.

Ellise: Hated her at first, but it was awesome watching her turn things around and eventually being the best player of the cast! A little dull at times, but still a very worthy winner.

Looking forward to season 3!
all 3 had pretty decent openings, again, should be a close vote
damn! Was hoping Vinnie could pull it out, but he was a strategic threat for sure.

I have no clue who is winning this game. Any of the 3 girls could pull this out!
i'm thinking jasmine is out at this point