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Illustrator, cartoonist, reading manga, doodling, and making crafts. Been inspired to draw ever since I saw Sailor Moon when I was 5 years old. My art may not be the best but I do what I can. ^_^
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Did I mention I was kind of blunt, or not really subtle in some fields....>>;;;

Yeah, in case you're wondering, THAT is gonna happen. But like in the LOZ comic. You don't see a thing, for the obvious reasons. Second verse same as the first. ^_^;;;

Anyways enjoy and I'll see you when I can.
Alright another page, and wouldn't you know it––Ikki shows up. Wonderful timing as usual, something is on his mind. And judging from Hyogas face it doesn't look good.


And yes back to normal format of comic format, let's see if I can find a normal rhythm. One more page and we'll see.
~Words from the Author~
Alright I know it's been a while....very much more than a while. Personal life and issues of my own plus trying to motivate myself to keep going has been the thing. DO I wish to continue this? Absolutely. Can I continue this? Probably if I have the drive and such. I really hope I can. ^_^

So enough of the jib-jab, and let's continue.

Originally when I drew this page I was thinking about a choose your own idea with the fans get to pick what happens to who and such....Since I only have one person who likes this. Surprisingly, and moving on, it was later dropped because I figured it would lag. So after this is back to a normal format-ish of a comic.


OH and P.S.– If the page is a bit dinky I apologize I realized HOW BIG the pages were and had to get them to a decent size to read in. Hop it works!!
So Seiya goes to sleep....and wakes up everyone else in process via pillow fight. No regrets whatsoever. Your welcome. XD
Now to be fair this "CHOOSE" thing was a thing I did only momentarily on DA...yes its on DA.... =3=;;; But I'm trying to broaden my audience. ANYWAYS It was only for a little while I did this. And not many people did follow this. But to those that did. I followed through with the results and carried on. The rest is a regular comic, so don't worry this only happens one other time. Don't worry.
Next page, hope you guys enjoy!! See you guys later!
And now we begin what we should have started. Finishing up this issue as stated in the news posted.

I am so sorry this took so long. But at least with this issue posted. I hope you will enjoy, and will stick around with what's to come. See ya soon.
Whats a few months.....probably enough for an explanation. ^^;;; Which I will be posting shortly in a moment, not long after this has been posted.

See you guys soon. Hope you can stick around.
Alright, another day. Another page of comics. I'm trying to find a set of patterns to keep myself focused onto this. So here's hoping I find myself a simple routine soon. See you soon!
Alright sorry for the long wait, now starting with the story. We begin in the hospital. The group trying to mend and heal, but does it look like everyone is getting along after what's happened?

See you next time!!
Hey everyone guess who's alive and kicking?! Yep after the one zelda comic I did, and a very long over due break. Plus life getting in the way etc, I return with hopefully some motivation for me to wake up and say I wanna work on something again.

Will there be Yaoi? Subtle but yes, and innuendo of course. Probably maybe a bit more than I did in the Zelda comic.

Anyways I hope you enjoy, will update soon!!!
This ends the comic story. I am so glad you guys stuck around for what it was worth. ^_^ I know the retelling the story of Ocarina of Time has been done over on and infinity in many various forms.

But I hope none the less that you have enjoyed it for what it was worth. Who knows maybe I'll start brainstorming soon on another comic idea sometime.

And as I have said before and I'll say it again, comment if you like this I'll see you later!!

Not sure of an exact date but we'll see.
not much to say here, comment if you like
Just enjoy and comment if you like. See you later we're almost done.
Enjoy whats happening, comment if you like.
I'll just leave this here. Comment if you like see you next time!!
Link faces off Ganon, who will win?! This is it guys!! Comment if you want, see you next time!!
Will Link survive this? Comment if you like, see ya later.
Link may have a plan to get the Master Sword but will it work? Comment if you like see you later!!!
I'll just leave this here, comment if you like, see you later!!