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Ehh, well, ya see...
Hey everyone.
Yeah, sorry for the wait, but I'm finally here! And it looks like not a moment too soon...
Very nicely done! I'm so jealous. This is STILL better than anything I can do on pencil and paper...
Happy Holidays and such!
Sorry you haven't seen me in FOREVER. So, I missed quite a few comics... Who's that one new blonde, spikey-haired guy? I don't remember him.
I already wished you a happy birthday at Sushi Gummy...
But it's important enough to be said twice. Happy Birthday! And I also look forward to reading Super Normal.
I vote wardrobe change.
Dude... THAT'S AWESOME. You need to make a full sheet of that thing XD. Oh, and could you stick me just anywhere? I don't care if I just show up as an IPimp... And yes, my avatar is the only sprite I have. Working on getting a sheet... Or, you can use my armor sprites:
I'm stuck between wardrobe change and the father thing.
Huh, I would've personally made the year shorter, but that's just me. Anyway, I was wanting to apply for Co-Authorship. I know I'm not online very much, but as soon as I finish moving I will be. I know that Pancakes and Wood have already applied, but I hope I at least have a chance against them... Now let's see, am I forgetting anything?
*remembers that he doesn't have a full sheet*
... DAMMIT. I DO have a sprite sheet, but it's the one in Halo Freaks, and he's just a recolor... Well, if you don't mind me temporarily using him, then can I join?
Wow, I haven't actually lol'd at a sprite comic in a while. That was pretty funny ^_^. And sorry dude, I'm not a main author, so I don't know if you can join. Do you have sprites?
Hehe, that's EXACTLY what I'd do. Then again, I like poking just about anything ^_^.
Whoa dude... I'm like... Here.
Yeah, it's seriously been forever! Very nive comics since I last showed up I see ;).
I just realized. Don't forget to have Tails party at 250 XP.
ARGH! I SHOULD'VE DONE THAT! If only you'd made this comic sooner so I could remember to be the magic talking shoe! It's the best costume EVAR!
A pimp ended up on the flaming butthole planet? So what... Do I have to be a gay gimp now or what? XD
Wait... What'd you do to me? Because if you ran me over I'll shank your eyes out and shoot them with mah pimp needler.
I was a pimp for Halloween this year. I stayed home and gave out candy. I loved the reactions I got at school when I was in my costume XD.
LOL, LUIGI'S GOT A GUN! This is one of the funniest ones yet!
This reminds me of Halo Freaks XD. You know, the ditching everyone and leaving them for dead thing. Oh, and The Escape wins.