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Okay, so now I have to describe myself, huh?

Okay to begin with, I am a 14 year old kid who loves to draw, watches movies and TV shows when I bored :| I like to play volleyball which the only sport I mainly like and where I don't get my nose hit with a ball :P I love to play my guitar and it's almost like my best friend :D
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Demon Girl Likes A Boy
Girl's Name: Yuuki
Age: 14
Interests: Herself, puppies, perfume, make-up, showing too much attention to guys and Kiryuu XD
Loves: Chasing Kiryuu all day XD
Race: Demon
S/O: Straight

Guy's name: Kiryuu
Interests: Football, guitar, decent girls....
Hates: Being chased by Yuuki all day :'(
Race: Human
S/O: Staright
Yui Ayuzawa
Name: Yui Don
Age: 16
Birthday: August 5th

Curse: Angels cured her eyes for her hatred of "perfect" people and they turned black

Personality: Shes actually a very happy and cheerful person. She likes to smile and play around with people but because of her curse she isnt able to laugh as much as she'd like.

parents/History:A few months before her birth, her father died, and she grew up alone without any siblings or a dad and with a mom whose always busy with her makeup, fashion and friends and doesn't bother to listen to what Yui had to say. Yui always hated the fact that she had a mom who was extremely pretty and how people made fun of her only because she was always so much uglier compared to her mom. To Yui, her mother was perfect and she hated it. So when she was 13, she killed her mom and went to live with a far off releative. Since then, she hated pretty people and whenever she used to see anybody she found pretty, she would kill them. This continued for 3 years. Then two angels from heaven confronted her and told her to stop, but she refused. So, they put a curse on her. The curse her eyes, which turned pitch black and made every girl on the street look beautiful and perfect even if they weren't. The angels put the curse only to see how much Yui could kill to teach her a lesson that how she felt was wrong. However, she didnt stop. She just continued to kill. Soon enough, society hated her and she got a letter from unwanted.

likes: Imperfect people, playing jokes, running around, PUPPYS!, red, being perfect, compliments, people her curse doesnt effect, talking ALOT
hates: Perfect people, herself, her late mother, being ugly, the fact that she only sees perfect people

style: Very random. She doesnt really have a good taste in fashion weaeing clothes that make no sense at all.
hair: orange

-She sees people in the school as imperfect
-has bad vision (wears glasses to see far things)
-left handed

Classes: Please Pick 9
[Mandatory] Language (-Pick two- English, french), Math, Power Controlling
[Elective] Biology, chemistry, art, home economics, English literature, music.


Thanks for letting me join! :)
I hope you all like her.
Im sorry if my grammer might not be perfect at times, my cousin helped me fix the grammar so that its easier to read this time. english isnt my first language :P