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    Molento, the Archangel of Death
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I'm betting that she set that up so that she could make some money
Looks like Chaos had a little "fun"
El Fuego
My best friend's steam name is El Fuego. What's more, he has a profile pic of Chaos.
Grammer Nazi
You misspelled search in the third panel, you spelled it serach
@SeaRabbits: what would the teacher say?
@Jackpot: Unless Sally gets you
Gibbs slap!
1000 points to anyone who gets the reference.
He is a stark raving mad lunatic that messes up anyone that he doesn't like or gets in his way... in other words the good kind of lunatic
*steve walks away*
*whispers* not really
*steve shoots*
I found this on monday, and i have read though it three times now, and i need MOAR!
i see the goblin that he killed in there, screaming with the others.
@dawnieangel76: hey, golf's a LIFE-long sport.
oh my god, was the island's name krakatoa?
I think that the coin was magical so that both sides would be the opposite of what the guy picked.