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My Life:

Harry Potter. English Literature. Singing, writing, playing, drawing. Lots of music. Family. Internet. Crossovers. Chocolate. Fruit. Friends. My darling-sweetheart. Fairytales. Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Angelina Jolie. Anti-Twilight, Pro-Fantasy. Glee.

Slash. Yaoi. Shounen-ai. Gay gay gay gay everyday.

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So...I'm just a horrible person who's been reading this amazing comic off and on for years now. And I've never even told you how awesome-fabulous it is. Every time I read a new fairytale I fall in love all over again. It's funny and witty and cute and I absolutely love your drawing style. As soon as I get a real job I must buy this. I have to. Nobody change my mind. apologize and as a tribute to you I've made fanart...because I adore you...not sure how to send it to you so I've posted it on Deviantart.URL is:
You draw so beautifully. I absolutely love the first page as well...but Andrei's shy face is just adorable! I must go fave this now...
...why do I feel anxious? Something bad is going to happen, isn't it? (Poor baby, don't cry...)'s so bittersweet. Bunny is getting his wish fulfilled, but Boy is still lonely...
Yes, it does sound scary. And emo. But I'm still loving it! I love the cute bunny eyes and ears, it's like he's begging to be loved. *cuddles bunny*
Whatever happened to his eye? And what crazy kid thought it was fun to pull out his tail hairs? :(
Scary, scary. :D But lovely in an overwhelmingly sudden way.
Poor darling, you're just having a temporary existencial crisis...*hug* I don't understand why no-one likes him. I love stuffed animals...
Aww...): The kid looked cute, but he's so callous...Poor bunny. Do right and kill everything.
I really like the way you draw, it's lovely. And the air of mystery here is delicious...
Heh, it looks very interesting! I'm looking forward to more...and I love the hair. :)