I'm mexican, so sorry for the bad english xD it's my first time in this kind of page :D and i want to became a better comic-artist, because i'm too ignorant xD
I loove to read the comics in here :D

hehehehe bu������¿ien, pues soy de M������©xico y esta es mi primera vez en esta pagina como user xD la verdad me un������­ porque quiero mejorar mi forma de hacer comics (ya que los mios no son muy buenos que digamos xD) jejej pues no s������© qu������© m������¡s poner, solo que me han gustado mucho varios mangas que he visto publicados por aqui :D
Heeey! two consecutive weeks yeah! ;)

when your parents need extra support and you're such a wonderful little person...
;____; My goooooood...
I really liked this one
Colored in a very paceful morning uvu I like the colors this page <3
No update next week, so wait for the next-next one! :'D thanks for your patience!
happy birthday autophobia!!! contratulations author and thank YOU for the amaizing work you have shared with us through the years <333 lot's of love to you my friend :D
almost on time BD

g' night guys!
It've been a VEEEEERY long time. I never expected that I'd have a year as busy as I could not get a single page done, but it happened D: I'm very grateful with the people that stills follow us and I hope you keep enjoying the story :') We are getting better at many points (as I hope you'll notice XD)


Side news!! I got a scholarship to produce my art project about NON BINARY PEOPLE and I've been pretty busy with it. I'll submite more info in my tumblr soon, but at the time I have submited one oil painting to my tumblr

And that's it!! Love you folks :D <3
omg! they are so cuuuuuuteeeeee X3 <333
ahdasjdk no, he IS in love already <3 both of them
these are the old pages you drew a few years ago, right? the style seems diferent :')
a lot of readers now: D:
awww I missed this girls :D <33 lovely!
ajá... ¬v¬ <3
Happy New Year for you, my dear creator!! I hope you had a wwonderful christmas and enjoy the year that's comming for all of us! I send you lots of hugs and good luck :D I hope the most of your problems solve and that you enjoy life the best posible way!

love ya <3
Ahhhh.... how time passes, right? :') this is beautiful <3
I really like this scene ;w; and I was thinking while reading it (correct me if I'm wrong) ain't them getting skinnier and fattier as the time goes on? I got the feeling that, since the art style has been improing their fisical qualities has been exagereted too. I'm not complaining, I was wondering if it was on proupose :')
ohh my this guys just kill me x//D <3 it's always a true joy to read your comic!
Did ya missed us?
'Cause we missed you a lot, my sweeties <33
Life has been a little bitch on us lately, but hopefully I'll update next week or at least once again in this month again. Wish us luck!

And thank you for stiking around!
disapointing?? not at all!! This is way more realistic than a kiss would be in these circunstances :D Getting out of the closet, specially in Louis's sircunstances (or some alike) is not easy at all, even wheen everything iss on your side to be yourself.

Wonderfull work, my dear author, as always <3