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The las panelll! >u<
See you next year Iris!
Get better
Everybody's sick lately! D:
I must be careful...
Colonel, can you hear me?
She may not be so stealthy but is looking good 8-)
So Iris chose Arale too, this time. Maybe Chiqui and her could be in that crossover :D
Stars and Stripes
Thumbs up, soldier!
Silly but funny 8-)
Iris gained X exp points!
That will teach her to not take advice or gadgets from some guy who is chased by a blue good guy... Now, let's see what can we do, hmmm...
My meme
Iris! Y U NO are less cute?
It's not strange
The Man has his own meme, of course 8-)
WTF is that?... Nice, new layout...
WTF is that?...
Mixing stuff is a nice plan!
Yeah! I want't to have Metalgear equipment in an Abe's Oddysee game!
Kawainess... is too strong... for a... superheroe...
*.* Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!...
Yeah! Dat ass!... Wait, wah? XD
That's the worst part! ^ ^'... Cause that, never tell me to play! I'll ended the same o_o
My God! That looks VERY VERY VERY annoying and frustrating. Remember me to never play that game XD
I can think of some games with similar behavior just now...
I'm afraid I can't help
I dunno, I have a mirror but it doesn't work...