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@cha Maybe they will be shirtless nex time xD

@MIDOxRI It happens a lot... XDDDD'''

@RosesHaveThorns aww, I'm glad! Thanks! :*

@missy I'm sorry to disappoint you everytime you check and there's still no update ;< thanks for being such a sweetheart!
About those proportions - I kinda tried to draw them something beetween chibis and kids xd
Here's some late valentine picture to make it last a little longer (and to post something while you're waiting for the new page xD).
And here's a lineart coz I like it. (feel free to have fun with it if you're really bored :B)

new page soon! :3
Yal is so delicate and caring... xd
I'm much faster at drawing when I get to draw stuff like that. xD
Hopefully I will keep the pace.

Thanks for all the comments on the previous pages. You really motivate me. :3
Zajeosom! Więcej więcej więcej! :B
Ależ się wypięło biszysko :D
Dlaczego przypomniałaś mi istnienie tej abominacji... DX
Ok, I've drawn some blahblahs, time to draw some bare chests. 8D
W końcu! Ileż można wersji robić. xd (dla mnie 4 to już był bezlik i rekord)

'Cleric, eh' zapowiada się ciachowato. xD
PLEASE READ THE PREVIOUS PAGE FIRST - I've made some big mistake with the scripts and used the old version of the text *feels stupid* xD. It's all corrected now so please make sure you read it first or else this page won't make any sense. xD

Thanks for your understanding and patience! *hugs*

Big thanks to Passer-by for helping us with translation. <33 (Check out her comic here: )
New page really soon. Sorry for random distraction/fanservice/Zephiel, but we needed to ensure you we're alive and guessed you'd like something like this one. xD
September 27th, 2010
Sorry sorry sorry sorry it took so long. :x

Thank you so much for comments and patience!
te¿ bym kurcze porobi³a ³anszoty. :x
August 16th, 2010
Meri jeste¶ zajebista. :3
O, Katerfield wyprzystojniał!
Sorry for another lag. D;

It's a first page done completely on comp with manga studio - from rough sketch to the balloons (mkay, letters in photoshop, 'coz ms had problems with the font xd). Inking was soooo muuuuch faster. I'm seriously considering switching to completely digital comic drawing. :)
Bez rastrów i tak bardzo ³adnie wygl±da. :D
See you on pyrkon! <3
Mleczoooooor! :D
Urinal Leprechaun needs his own comic!1!!11oneone!

And personally I don't really care if it's black'n'white or shiny coloured. :B