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April 25th, 2016
Oh man I absolutely ADORE your art!
Oh no. Oh nonono D8
Gods, he is so cute :U
Aaaah I have looked forward to this for so long :D
Well this is an pleasant surprise!
My bet is on that being Teryx
I think you missed a bit of Tarus' body(between the head-fin and the Gabite's legs) It looks a bit awkward the way it is now...
@Unclever title: I will admit that I did sing that
Oh man, that face is beautiful
Haha, are they talking in braille? (I think that's what it's called) Now I need to go find me a diagram
Wereeevee *giggles*
Hahaha, look who finally got out of her cave~ Me. I'm talking about me.

You have no idea how happy I am to finally start reading this again~ Glad to see that it's still as awesome as ever
Aaaah, happy birthday :D
Aaah, lookie! I'm up to date again!! :D

And Ginkgo, I've missed you! But ruuuun now!! Don't get killed!! D8
Noo Meduza! I liked Meduza *sniff* :'(

But I've had the feeling ever since she mentioned the Rhyhorn that she would die. Don't like the fact that I was right.
Is this foreshadowing?
@Onasaki: I like this idea!

That's all I can say about your comic. It's too awesome for words.
Oh you adorable, lying Skuntank, you! <3
First thing: Aren't Donphans immune to electric attacks?

And secondly: I think -kun would be more appropriate that -chan, as they are both male (Right?)