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@portisHeart: Hey! Have faith in Taron! He's a good swimmer if nothing else.
Ch15 pg18
So mopey....
@Moondragon: Well I see you on there and it says payment was accepted. Not sure, you might have to contact patreon if you still can't gain access.
@Moondragon: O, huh, that's strange. see if you can figure out why, I'll make sure you're still on my patrons list. What's the patreon screen name? I do have one patron whose payment was declined, maybe that's yours?
Ch15 pg17
Oh Taron... don't deny it.
Ch15 pg16
Taron looks so cute in that second frame. XD
@portisHeart: uh-huh.
Ch15 pg15
Arei looks so peaceful when he's unconscious.
Ch15 pg14
Hisu's gay-dar is buzzing.
Ch15 pg12
Stuff is happening!
Ch15 pg13
;_; Arei... and Taron, Arei Arei Taron Arei Taron!!!! Aahhhh!!!!
Ch15 pg11
Arei.... so cute and vulnerable. Someone molest him, quick before he wakes up!
@LadyIzzyD: ;) thanks! I really need to finish it, but I've been working on my original comic, Chaotic Nation. >.<
@Guest: huh, I can view them on my end just fine. maybe try reading over on Tapas -
@Huntik13: Taron tells it like it is. No sugar coating. He's got some redeeming qualities at least. ;)
@LuminalAvian: Yay! Taron hasn't shown too much of his true colors yet. He'll get there <3
@raephium: haha
Ch15 pg10
Taron just gotta lash out when things get too emotional!
@portisHeart: HAHA tru
@Crow: rofl. Whoops! Must have read the script wrong x3