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@Guest:LOL! I'm 32 in 21 days! funny.
Ch15 pg08
Pucker up buttercup U3U~<3
@Guest: It'll get there. lol
Ch15 pg07
This page took a long time. Those splash effects, guys...
Ch15 pg06
Taron... so emotional.
Ch15 pg05
No Arei!!!
@Moondragon: How about now? x-x
@Moondragon: <3 I saw! Thanks so very much! Can you red the bonus chapter here on smackjeeves okay? I just posted it all today, so I wanna make sure patrons can read it.
@Moondragon: Yes I will continue my regular updates on Smackjeeves, no worries ;)
@NikuComics: I added a button to the navigation bar, but here's a link as well ;)
Taron... a bit uneasy.
This page took longer than usual. Dat water effect...
@Total_Tempest10: haha guess you are! But today is update day so one more page at least!
December 6th, 2017
@Total_Tempest10: hahaha
@Total_Tempest10: Hahaha, I'm still here. I really need to get back on this. I keep kicking myself for taking so long with it. I have too many projects going on. -_-
@Wolvira: Thanks much ^^
Oooo dang! Can Arei do it?!
@xJAYJAYJETPLANE: It's blank? I re-did the host address, hopefully it's fixed now?