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Arei, we all already know you're hot.
September 12th, 2018
Ch16 Pg13
Taron just takin' a wizz guys. Nothin to see here... or is there?
@LADYKAZUMI: Yes, I know! It should be back up very soon though, no worries! Just changing a few things, and it'll be back hopefully by the end of the day.
Ch16 Pg12
You think Tisik saw sum'n?
Ch16 Pg11
Tisik having a thing.
Ch16 Pg10
Apologies for the slow update, I have been so busy lately with book orders, patreon, and conventions, just had to ease off on something. Back on track now though.... meanwhile....AREI, DONT PLAY COY! YOU SEE IT TOO RIGHT!?

Also if you guys want, do check out my new Chaotic Nation books available now!
@Crimson Ursa: :D Awesome! I just dropped of some of my books at mainland this week ^^
Ch16 Pg09
Just walking across landscapes.
@portisHeart: That got real dark real fast. XD
Ch16 Pg08
Time to travel to happy fun land guys! Get your mickey mouse hats!
Ch16 Pg07
Hisu knows there's ded stuff.... he don't wanna be ded too.
@Manila: thanks for letting me know.
Ch16 Pg06
Hisu.... the buffest chicken.
Ch16 Pg05
Not ominous at all.
@portisHeart: lol, he like, I just rested all night, gotta get to work.
Ch16 Pg04
Much chest.
Ch16 Pg03
Sorry for the lack of updates lately... computer got fried by lightning. Didn't lose any of my art tho so that's good. So now here we have, Taron being a dick again. All is right in the world.
@Yokomomochi: ;D Thanks! I'm anxious to bring him into the comic as well!
@Yokomomochi: He's going to be in this one, but as of now, he has not come in yet. Thoguh I did sketch a dirty comic with him that I posted on my tumblr and hentai foundry sites.
@Cearon: They are on webtoons, DA, and Tapas

Here's the webtoons link -