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@Jungkookie: X3 Got my slow burner on.
@Jungkookie: It's cool XD I'm not goin' anywhere ;) Thanks for reading and all the lovely comments <3
@Jungkookie: lol Karians. Vade just that scary, I guess.
@Jungkookie: XD but.... all the smut is on my patreon rofl
@Jungkookie: XD it's... a critter
@Jungkookie: loled
@Jungkookie: XD Well, she's a mage so.... at least she can fight from a distance, right?
@Jungkookie: Magic hair.
@Jungkookie: lol tis tru
@toastedmarshmallow: Lol XD I actually wrote out some upcoming plot today that... has some licking rofl. That's all I'll spoil.
@toastedmarshmallow: XD Just... wait for it. It'll get there!
Ch17 Pg24
And that's chapter 17 guys!!!! Hoo--haw!
@raephium: hey whatever works.
Ch17 Pg23
Arei, just go sleep for a week, ok? Mayby Tisik and Taron will sandwich you between them.
Ch17 Pg22
Arei's looking a little worse for wear.
Ch17 Pg21
Is this the first time we've Tisik smile in the entire comic? o_O
@RaiuTempesta: Urrrr. I swear, things just break eventually with these pages if I leave them alone... somehow, they inevitably become broken or morph into entirely different pages. >.< and now I can't even host with DA anymore cause the image show up broken, tho the old images still show for whatever reason. Thanks for letting me know though.
@RaiuTempesta: LOL oh my
Ch17 Pg20
Aww... ;_; My poor Boi.