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Ch16 Pg24
Tisik is like my abused play thing more and more it seems... End of chapter 16!
Ch16 Pg23
Alright... Who passed wind?
Ch16 Pg22
Hisu over here like- We all gonna die cause you told us ghosts aren't real!!!!
Ch16 Pg21
Arei like- well shiet...
@Anna: Tisik unsuccessfully tried to kill himself via giant monster.
@Moondragon: I think Tisik can deal with alot of shit, but being useless is just not one of them.
@sstogner1: I dunno. What do you think happened?
Ch16 Pg20
Oh Tisik... You're in a dark place, buddy.
Ch16 Pg19
Poor Arei having impotence problems. Apologies for the little hiatus. Busy busy.
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October 26th, 2018
@aiko: It has both, actually.
October 26th, 2018
@aiko: Mostly on my patreon XD
@Seruta: Oh! lol I did not know they were called that. I think I was like 10 when I saw that movie.
@steelCOYOTE: graboid?
Ch16 Pg18
Isn't he cute?! Careful, he bites.
October 11th, 2018
@BleachJN: Sorry, if you're having trouble viewing some images, you can also read it on facebook:
@BleachJN: It's for my patrons only. $5 to read the bonus content including this chapter and all the nsfw content.
Ch16 Pg17
Mm-mm... tasty!
Ch16 Pg16
Taron like- Dood I freakin' got it.
September 26th, 2018
Ch16 Pg15
Kuu is unhappy there are varmints in his hole!