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New account is Theking0fzing

Wait is the picture in the top left corner of the last panel supposed to be little Wallis and Harold?
Ladies and Gentlemen, another cliffhanger review, by yours truly, RadRocket.

Actually, this was fun to read, but being a speed reader and all, I desperately want more of this review.
This comc sux go kill urself.

No, in all actuality, it's fun to watch you review these comics. I'm 12, and yet I still laugh at how someone my age has the nerve to act like their comics are "top of the line". I'm really ashamed of my age group, but I don't take this personally, I take this the way it is meant to be taken(for the audience of course): either learn from it or laugh about it.
Look in that basket

(Btw do use flash, or are there sprites you use to make these scenes?)
Draw luigi....with three moustaches
Why are there squares around the edges? What program do you use, because I think that your not turning on the transparent setting.
Have fun kids.
And don't listen to your parents. If a guy comes up to you saying he has candy or a dog in his van, then god-dangit that man does.
I like the attacking effect. Also, the english is pretty good for this strip.
@Risky2k: Hey look, another sarcastic user *brofist*
@TeamSonicPrez: You mean you didn't know that you can recolor an entire sheet within 5 seconds? Useful for when I'm making my base sprites.
Still a great comic, and bartekolo, if you ever need someone to translate, I can help. Trust me, I'm a regular on Facepunch, and half the people I talk to are in Europe.
@TeamSonicPrez: Not to whine, but I not only am friends with you(someone hated on the voiceless by many), but I'm also helping a lot of other guys hated over there. For instance, centimon is made fun of by half of the guys there, and here I am creating some sprites for him. And although it may seem like it, we really only make fun of each other if you bothered to keep up with the comic.
@TeamSonicPrez: If I wasn't good at ruining conversations, then why do you think I'm a voice??questionmark
Y'know, would you guys happen to join a comic involving a plot similar to this? I already have some comic ready, but I can change the plot if you guys don't want to.
@Draven22: I don't know why you would (winks)

Also, if this was a comic, the plot is interesting, so I would be interested in managing it, because sonic school is getting a tad boring.
How about you guys make this into a comic? I mean, now it seems like a mish mash of comics that don't fit, and a showcase. Also, do you speak french? I do, so if you need something that would make sense and isn't google translate, then ask me.

Other than that, good plot.
So I just recolored instead.
Boy I sure hope that was a misprint O ~ O