Kirby CC

I really like Kirby,interested in comics too.So I decided to join.

Hiya all! <(-^v^-)>

I am from ClickCritters
It's time.
To revive.
This Comic.
It's funny.
That I haven't.
Posted Any Yet.
I'll try.
@KirbyFighterDeluxe: You sir, have made me relieved. Everybody forgot Not-Keito xD
Wow....this hasn't died yet. Thanks for reviving xD And what happened to the background?
@Jarkes: Maybe Zykan is the Shadowy guy?
Sorry for the waiting~ And thank you for the patience!

After downloading Paint.NET back, I'll resume my comics now~ Why redownload, you ask? My PC went mad. That's why I'm now using my mom's laptop :3

Good to see ya guys~
Spelling error :P What "were" you thinking at the first panel.
It's not purpleness. It's Kirsiness!
Okie, I will download it soon. Does that need plugins or somewhat additions?

And yah. The navigation.'s her name.... uh.... urg., I know her D8 That one looks nice. But the ....uh...Hazel...or somewhat like that's button is somewhat weird. (Gosh, I have to learn many names... 20TK + KAS + K:TDA = ZOMG!) I've been downloading it....but it keeps failing. I hate you IDM!!! D8 I will try it..................... Which one do you prefer? Photoshop or Gimp? (Or Paint.Net but only a few uses it....)

Oh...and nice buttons :3 looks a little weird XD
Nah. Doo looks fine to me. Just the Dee looks floating in the rating stars XD

And about the banner. The bubble looks a little....sharply weird to me :S But the comic ones are YAY! :D Can you tell me how to do it? Especially.....the shadows behind the texts ;~; I've always wanted to know it.
Oops. Sorry. Yah, Doo into Dee. I know the reasons!

EVOLUTION! Duh Duh Duh! 1 Eye to 2 Eyes!
Spe's fainting sprite looks a little weird to me xD Can anyone tell me which are hands?
Oh wait....have you played KRtD? :3 That Waddle Dee just used Waddle Copter! XD

And yay for the navi arrows!.....why does Dee turn into Doo in rating stars?
How ironic that the battle isn't finished yet. XD
Well, that was totally unusual XDDD

By the way! Nice bubbles! Looks like Buttons on some Internet sites (like Microsoft XD)
Team Pokepals! *shot*

I don't really think Kirby can handle by himself if that team wins.....
@Guest: No way! XD What if you only have 1 HP left without any HP restore items but have a move? Like Roost, Rest, etc. Would you like to move late or early? XD
Oh my gosh XD That's awesomerific silliness XDDD I love it! But too bad Co Authors cannot rate too DX
No! Speed is the best defensive attack!
After editing 2 days without laziness and duh! FINISHED FINALLY!


By the way, why are the alpha colors black but not in the image URL?