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The red hour glass shape is supposed to be on the bottom of the black widow?

Male back widows are significantly smaller than the females?
"thhing from the thing" very good description.
Splendiferous amounts of laziness.
It looks like she is feeling Kimba's breasts.
That would also have the potential to get smelly real quick (unrefrigerated food yuck).
/\This is a shovel by the way.
March 15th, 2007
C64s kick ass.
I find it more fun to yell "HAPPY CHEESE!" to random people walking down the street. If that is the best thing to do then I am glad I don't play WoW.

I dig your art.
Your comic is funny and I very much like your art style.
A vibrating duck. This comic is awesome.
I love you characters very creative.
I am and enjoying it.